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Entry Level Student Resume

Entry level student resume samples include a wide variety right from high school student resume to the resume written to find first time employment. In common, these resumes have somewhat same objectives and characteristics such as focus on academics, grades achieved, capabilities, potential with stress on apprenticeship and internship projects to convey industry exposure and learning. So, before writing a resume learn the different aspects of such entry level employments.

Below, get some new insights into the field of writing with some essential tips to clarify such profile summary.

Tips for Writing Entry Level Resumes:

While applying for admissions or first time employment, the candidate is required to follow certain guidelines. Go through them to increase the quality of written matter.

Clarified Career Objectives:

Coordinate the most essential details with long term career objectives in the field to ensure the purpose of being there in the industry. Convey critical information that brings forth the best for the organization.

Systematic Organization of Information:

Integrate details with well organized pattern and content. Create a common thread with commercial application of qualifications, interests, and skills.

Strong Supplement with Skills and Capabilities:

Combine skills with job requisite and establish strong relationship between the application and the offer. Highlight accountability or capabilities to manage independent or team activities.

Professional Industry Exposure:

Cite details about the projects completed to gain the recruiter's attention. Explain familiarity with research and industry work.

Basic Resume Requirements:

Follow basic rules of writing. Be specific, organic, and rational in presenting clarified view of academic profile and achievements. Avoid spelling mistakes and errors with customization of professional format as per requirement.

So, ensure that the requirements are met with well clubbed strategic skills and applications. Learn to offer focused understanding of market based performances with strong technical excellence.

Bobby C. Ford
2609 Derek Drive
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: 330-155-3431
Email Address:


Seeking for the entry level positions to start my career with the engineering industry, to tackle with advanced technical issues and challenges in the field to offer highly competitive engineering excellence.


  • Capable of providing highly efficient engineering support
  • Part time employment exposure as an Assistant Engineering Technician for 3 years
  • 4 years of Professional Engineering Internship
  • Familiarity with business analytics and development programs
  • Trained in advanced engineering tools and techniques with scientific mechanisms


  • Research and analytical excellence
  • Good team leading qualities
  • Commercial applications of business strategies
  • Capable of managing technical engineering jobs and activities
  • Strong interactive skills to analyze environmental requirements

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office Management
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (Auto CAM)
  • Computer Aided Engineering Design (Auto CAD)


  • Masters in Engineering Management from Southwestern Oklahoma State University 2001
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Columbia International University 1997
  • Certification in Advanced Value Engineering Program
  • Trained in Systems Engineering and Technology Management

Professional Experience:

Atlanta Engineering Works and Technology Solutions Blackfoot, ID
Designation: Assistant Engineering Technician

2 years and 7 months
Role and Responsibilities

  • Defining engineering requirement of the projects and ensuring technician support to deal with critical issues
  • Establishing controls and safety to handle operational work with necessary health care
  • Creating engineering excellence with daily operations support to manage technology matters
  • Solving technical problems with proper set up of machines, tools, and technology

Cele Technologies Inc. Westborough, MA
Designation: Professional Engineering Intern

4 Years
Role and Responsibilities

  • Developed and tested engineering prototypes to improve technical efficiency
  • Supported engineers with necessary designs and engineering plans
  • Investigated technology issues to identify the potential areas of plan improvement
  • Ensured quality mechanisms and engineering practices to enhance operations efficiency


  • Duly recognized for successful completion of engineering internship program in a well esteemed technology corporations with useful suggestions to improve operational output of the plant
  • Achieved 'Innovation of the Year' award for development of engineering excellence and applications with rapid tooling components


  • Rewarded with membership of National Engineer's Association, for engineering research project inputs and development of advanced technical sense in infrastructure management

Mobility and Flexibility:

Competent enough to handle work schedules and individual work responsibilities assuming accountability functions. Comprehensive set of mind to deal with environmental issues with advanced utility management techniques. Upgraded with quality management tools and techniques to offer the best engineering inputs.


With this, I announce that the given details are correct and trustworthy to the best of my knowledge.

Bobby C. Ford

With the given example, identify the requirements to be strategic and systematic, while writing the content. Otherwise, mere description of skills and qualifications won't be given due consideration by the employer. Try to relate yourself with the job and offer brief, yet effective presentation of skills. Use bullet points and develop interest in the mind of the reader to know more about you. It surely gives additional chance to prove your excellence in the field with personal interaction with the person. Develop comprehensive details with well organization of academic and employment accomplishments.

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