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Criminal Justice Major Resume

Criminal justice major resume is for the beginning level of any candidate who is looking for a start in his/her career, or for those who are looking for a new job. Criminal Justice is a system that practices social control, and mitigates crime. It needs the personality to be strong and solved to be a part of this field. It is a fragment of the vast law that every nation has. Law is a system, that is like a set of rules, which are enforced with some instructions of how and why they should be followed.

When we talk about the criminal justice, it is one aspect of law, which is like an action that is harmful to the society.

The main role of the criminal law is to judge the crime that has been committed and then prescribe what action should be taken against the culprit? What should be the punishment suitable for the kind of crime that has already occurred? There are three different steps that constitute to make the criminal justice system. They are:

  • Legislative- the part which creates law, all the rules and how should they be prosecuted.
  • Adjudication- this part is concerned with court, it includes all the hearings and complaints regarding the cases.
  • Correction- this part of the system deals with the punishments that are given for the crime committed, it could be anything like sending to jail, probation, or parole.
There are various career opportunities, with a major degree in criminal justice, there is a lot that can be done with the combination of this course and degree. The profiles possible with the criminal justice major are:
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • FBI Agent
  • Loss Prevention Investigator
  • Crime Analyst
  • Probation Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Loss Prevention Agent
These are a few popular job opportunities of this degree, which can be achieved, if you reflect your personality in an impressive way to the employer. You can make your first impression good, by making a good resume for yourself in the correct format.

Let us take a look at the example of a criminal justice major resume:-

Sample Resume of Criminal Justice Major

Wilson Moore
115, Silver lake Way
Arlington, VA-1123


Seeking for a criminal investigator designation. Have been an achiever academically till the scholar days. Maintained a very impressive track record, both, in academics and co-curricular activities.


University of Virginia
Richmond, VA

M.S ( criminology)
G.P.A- 3.7/4

B.S ( criminal justice)
Minor- mathematics
G.P.A- 3.8/4

Honors and Awards:

  • Winner of the Inter-university Criminal Justice Service awards
  • Nominated for the Best Orator in the University Annual Fest
  • Nominated for the Genius Club Awards for excellence in academics.

Experience Summary:

  • Administrative Assistant, throughout my final semester for the college administration.
  • Assistant investigator, for the ABC Crime Bureau for 6 months.


  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Basketball

Leadership Experience:

  • Have lead the group for campaigns of social causes.
  • Organizing weekly meetings for the discussions on topics of changes to be done
  • Managing the annual campus events

Clubs and Association:

  • Member of the Criminal Justice Students Organization
  • Member of the Criminal Justice National Honor Society

The criminal justice major resume, is a good way to make an entrance in the world of this profession, a well designed resume can do wonders in this field for achieving opportunities. A properly made resume in this profession can gain you a lot of attention, as your achievements and your experiences matter a lot in this criminal law aspect.

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