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Computer Science Student Resume

A computer science student resume is drafted to apply for internships or to seek part time or full time employment for the first time. Thus, such resume sample contains details about the student's performance throughout the academic career and his/ her extra curricular achievements in the field with reference to administration and management tasks. With keen focus on life time career objective, relating practical and professional experiences in the field of computer science, will be effective to integrate technical expertise in the area. Hence, while writing computer science student resume, the candidate is required to pay considerable attention to clarify his/her passion to work in a team and statistical practices that offer the expected perfection.

Thus, with focus on mathematical and analytical abilities to analyze practical applications of disciplinary understanding, the candidate needs to create the required impression. Here, find some of the useful tips that adds perfection to the resume for improvement of quality.

Guidelines for Writing Computer Student Resume

Error-free Content with Professional Format

Research well and select a professional template that can best serve your resume requirements; being a fresher, be tactical and strategic in communicating relevant information.

Focus on Technical Skills

Deal with technical excellence and computer management skills to handle job responsibilities; offer consistent and concise information.

Demonstration of Qualifications and Professional Exposure to Work

Include part time experiences, if any. Be sensible to put forth essential details, the employer finds interesting about the opening.

Extraordinary performances

Acknowledge high capacity to generate results with innovative and creative abilities of mind. State extraordinary performances in carrying out research and development work.

Internships or Apprenticeship Completed

Utilize internship projects to clarify your professional exposure to actual work and lower the chances of initial rejections, on account of experience. Manage relevant training programs attended and certification courses completed to refine your skills.

Ideally, the candidate is required to gain the recruiter's attention, by highlighting technical skills summary and academic grades achieved. Here, take good efforts to emphasize strong points of the profile with a view to overcome weaknesses of resume as a fresher. Below, find computer science student resume sample, that conveys your skills and qualifications as a student.

Eric D. Lindgren
3391 Bates Brothers Road
Westerville, OH 43085
Phone: 527-75-7264
Email Address:


Seeking for an entry level position in computer engineering and management field, with a view to utilize my potential to handle computer management functions and offer the best performance with an advanced understanding about the computer programs and applications management.


  • Assisted a Professional in Product Development and Testing
  • A Certified Computing Professional (CCP)
  • A Certified Network Professional A. S. Degree
  • Practiced professional in Designing and Product Development Support
  • Awarded with research fellowship to complete a project on Computer Programming and Applications Management.
  • Advanced and Updated technical skills to solve networking and troubleshooting issues efficiently.


  • Technical excellence to comprehend complex technical structures
  • Effective research abilities to calculate project requirements and to execute them
  • Time management skills with quick learning aptitude
  • Strong communication abilities to integrate a variety of functions to play a role of team leader.
  • Coordination and supportive skills to facilitate friendly working environment

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office functions management
  • UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator Degree
  • Technical Support Specialist Certificate
  • Web Designing and Development Certification
  • Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations.
  • Database Communications and Web Programming Certificate


  • Masters in Computer Engineering from Eastern University with majors in Systems and Information Technology Management in 2010.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science Management from University of Western States in 2008
  • Completed Diploma in Advanced Information Systems Management
  • Completed professional training with development of strategic and tactical skills to computer management.

Professional Experience:

EURO Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Westerville, OH
Designation: Computer Engineering Intern

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Completing duties of a computer engineering intern and providing assistance in product development.
  • Offering advisory and administration support to manage the overseas clients with the help of technology.
  • Providing technical support to develop training programs with preparation of effective feedback monitoring plans.
  • Identifying and recording the clients requirements to develop quite satisfactory customized products and plans.

RELL Technology Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Albany, NY
Designation: Assistant Product Development and Management

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Provided designing and programming support to the Product Development Manager with identification of areas of performance improvement.
  • Ensuring technical support to manage product development work within the given schedules to provide enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Offering managerial and organizational support to improve operational efficiency to contribute towards organizational objectives.
  • Developing practical solutions with development of engineering and disciplinary applications.


  • Recognized as 'Innovator of the Year 2011' for providing efficient technical support in new product development and accomplishment of projects within the established schedules.


  • Affiliated to a technical institution, providing updated information and technology support regarding emerging development applications.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Eric D. Lindgren

Thus, as a computer science student, you need to highlight your technical skills and updated understanding about the field. Here, you are required to stress on professional experience as a computer engineering intern, to lower the impact of application weaknesses as a fresher.

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