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Communications Major Resume

Communication major resume is designed for the professionals of mass media, and communication, it is a stepping stone, which is used to reach the interview round of an opportunity the candidate is interested in.

The field of communication is very vast, and has numerous attributes attached to it. The communication field has a great scope of employment.

The resume in the communication field needs to be designed in a different manner, as compared to any other professional resume, we will see how:

  • The education template should not be placed in the beginning, like it shows in other resumes. The experience template should be mentioned on the top. The professionals in the communication field gives more importance to the existing experiences and skills.
  • Emphasize more on the subject you have your majored in; there should be more details about your specialty. If there are any special projects done on the subject, they can be attached with the resume.
  • Mention all the experiences gained, they can be about the training as well. It can include all the projects you have indulged yourself in.
  • If there are achievements from your high school, do not forget to mention them, as they will reflect your personality from the school days.
  • Give a slight personal touch to your resume, by adding few interesting things about yourself. This field is all about creativity, and talent, this will be a good way to express your creativity.
  • Communication field is a very unpredictable field in matter of opportunities, so it will be of great use if you keep yourself prepared, for anything that comes your way and grab it.
We shall also see a sample resume depicted to understand better, the ways to create a communication resume.

Sample Communication Major Resume

Personal Details: This section will include all your identity details, with the help of which you can be in contact.

Jennifer Read
1234 Cambridge, Corona
CA 91188
001 404 9899


This part should explain your ambitions towards the career that you are going to opt. Objectives help the recruiter to clear up the views about the candidate.

My aim is to work in an organization, where I would get to use my communication, public relation and creativity skills.

Experience and Related Coursework:

In this part of the resume, explain all the courses and training that the candidate has taken.

  • Graphic communications
  • Intellectual communication
  • Public Relation Writing
  • Mass Media Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Leadership


This segment of the resume should describe all the skills that the candidate has got, and all the experiences that have been achieved by the candidate.

ABC Company
Designation: Customer Services Assistant
Duration: August 2011 to Present

XYZ Company
Designation: Floral Concert Coordinator
Duration: March 2011 to August 2011

LMN Company
Designation: Process Associate
Duration: October 2010 to February 2011


In this section, the education and the academics have to be discussed; the name of the degree with the marks scored in it has to be clearly mentioned.

  • Bachelors of Arts, communication
  • Subject Minor ( graphics)
  • G.P.A-3.7/4

Honors and Awards:

In this segment, the achievements have to be elaborated, all the awards and honors received by the candidate should be added here, as this will bring an added positive side in the candidates resume.

  • Alumni scholarship
  • Book bank scholarship
  • Creative student of the Batch.
The communication major resume will be a great tool for people who have their majors in communication, and have hopes to crack a good opportunity in this field. Along with this one may also get the sample cover letter for the related position. Click Here.
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