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College Student Applying For An Internship Resume

A college student would need this resume for his/her entry into an internship program. A student needs to design this resume as impressively as possible, because they need to be noticed by the employer, which is possible, only when their resume has something hat makes sense to the recruiter.

A fresher does not have any experience to mention in the resume, so they need to be updating their resume with all the current information about them, as well as all the current activities they have been involved in. The internship resume can include all relevant information from the candidate's high school, college, the courses and certifications, and volunteer experiences as well.

There can be a lot of formats used for internship resume, and all the modifications can be done according to the requirement of the candidate. In a students resume there are not many things to write about, apart from a few achievements and honors, all what makes it different and noticeable is the way all the information is presented. If it is mentioned in a proper manner, along with the right details, that can make it impressive at its level as well.

There are many formats in which this kind of resume can be presented, but there are few chronological formats that are used, we can look at the example, and see how students can create their resume for internship.

Sample Internship Resume For College Student

Personal Detail: This section needs to have all the information about the student right from its identity to the place he/ she stays. Any source of contact needs to be mentioned here. Mention your telephone number and email Id for sure.

555 East Street
Boston, MA 111111
(555) 555-5555


This section of the resume needs all the information about your goals and ambitions, that you want to work on. For example let's see how:

I want to work with a multinational company, and get to learn all the skills required, and groom my personality over all.


This section should have all your technical abilities. It should include all your caliber and abilities in this section. Let us see what all comes in his section.

  • Ms Word
  • Ms Access
  • Ms. excel
  • Ms. Power point
  • Java
  • Html
  • Oracle


In this section mention about the qualification you possess. Write and explain about the degree, the year of passing your course. Also mention the subjects that you major in, along with the marks scored by you.

Name of college:
Name of the Degree:

Honors and Awards:

In this section you need to describe all the achievements till the college level, it could be anything like your scholarships and the awards that have been achieved.

  • Society of Honors
  • Best Student scholarship

Academics and Courses:

In this segment, all the certifications and names of the courses needs to be mentioned. This part will include all the additional academic information and details of the candidate.

Co curricular Activities:

This part of your resume needs to have all the information, about the other creative activities, in which the candidate has been involved, it could be sports, painting, or singing, etc. Let us now look at what all fit in this part.

  • Basket ball Team captain
  • 1st prize in the Inter college Painting competition
  • Winner of Annual debate competition

This is one of the apt example for a college student applying for internship resume, if a candidate follows all these templates in designing his/her resume, it is going to be of great help. This will make it look perfect professionally, and impressive as well.

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