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Chemistry Major Resume

Chemistry Major resume is designed by the students who have pursued their education and career, both in the field of chemistry. Chemistry offers a varied range of courses for every kind of interested students.

Career options in the stream of chemistry are almost endless. It is never going to take an end. The kind of job you would get, depends on the quality and extent of education you have got in chemistry. There are many options of jobs for people studying chemistry, but the better your degree is, the better is your job. A proper four year degree course can lead you to getting a bench job, which means you would be allowed to prepare chemicals and work with all the lab equipment.

When you have a master's degree in chemistry, or an engineering degree of chemistry, the possibilities of a high level job is even more guaranteed. If we talk about the terminal degrees, be it some thing like a PhD or M.D., these degrees will leave your aspects wide open. You might get the best of the jobs available in the field of chemistry. For being a scientist, or for doing various kind of research works, you need to have a terminal degree of the subject. Chemistry has physics and biology also as a part of it. There are many other branches of chemistry as well.

We will now have a look at the different kind of job possibilities in the field of chemistry:-

  • Chemical Engineer profile
  • Chemical Information Specialist
  • Chemical sales
  • Chemical Technology
  • Chemist
  • Ceramic Industry jobs
  • Consumer Product
There are a lot of other job profiles as well, which are emerging, or we can say have emerged for people with chemistry background. Chemistry is a form of science in a versatile form. There are many profiles in this field, to which we can take as an example, but, for now lets have a look at the the example of a chemical engineer's resume.

Before we start with the resume, we need to know who are Chemical Engineers basically? Chemical engineers are people who should be considered the masters of all kinds of engineering discipline, due to their extensive knowledge. They use subjects like economics, math, etc., to solve their problems.

Let us talk about the job opportunities and salaries for the Chemical Engineers-
Chemical engineering jobs in every country emerge in great numbers, and the amount paid to them as salaries are also handsome.

For any organization, a chemical engineer plays a vital role, its their task to design the products in a cost-effective manner, so that the company never has to face any loss. The job of a chemical engineer is a very refined blend of research work, as well as the concepts involved in designing a required product. In the research aspects also, there are various attributes on which the chemical engineers can take over.

Let us now follow the sample resume of a chemical engineer:-

Sample Chemistry Major Resume

Mark Albert
1123, Avenue street
North America


Have been working for a period of 8 years. I have an experience of working from low to large scale chemical product industries. I am very efficient at my work, and have the belief of giving my best to every task that I am assigned.


To own a chemical product company of my own, and use all the experience that I have gained, in all these years, to make it a great success.


  • Masters in Business Administration in Finance, from London school of Economics
  • Chemical Engineering from Denver University

Work Experience:

Base chemical company
Designation: Technical Consultant
Department: Research and analysis
Duration: Nov 2002 to Nov 2005

The Sow Chemical Company
Designation: Chemical Engineer
Department: Design
Duration: Jan 2006 to Dec 2012


  • wide knowledge about the concept of chemistry, and the concepts required in designing of the products
  • can easily operate all the applications of Microsoft Windows
  • awarded with the Best Employee of the Company Award in the year 2005

The students of chemistry major need to have a very impressive resume, as there are a lot of emerging jobs with a lot of emerging competition, so the best shortcut to your opportunity can be an efficiently and nicely made resume.

Along with this resume, one may also refer related cover letter here and number of other resume examples like chemistry research assistant resume samples.

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