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Business Management Major Resume

A business management major resume focuses on the candidate's skills and knowledge pertaining to various aspects of business management, such as accounting, research, operations, marketing, sales management, and financial management. It is quite common for students of this field to take up internship programs ranging from 12 to 18 months. Many even choose to undergo further training/internship. As a competitive candidate within the profession, you need to present your profile with adequate enhancement, so as to gain the confidence of the recruiter and get yourself the opportunity of an interview within the organization. Often, starting to write the resume seems difficult, but if you contact the employer beforehand and discuss his needs, you'll get a clear idea of the information that you need to project in your resume.

Contents of a business management student resume

The resume must start with your contact details, where you may include your date of birth if you wish to. Following your personal details, come up with a good title for your resume, few words that state the nature of your profile, such as "Major in Business Management", followed by an effectively constructed career objective which puts forth your interests and vision for the reader to take in. The objective should be crafted to grab the attention of the reader. His degree of involvement in your application depends upon the quality of time and energy that you put into preparing it. Organize your thoughts and pick the most significant/relevant ones for including in your resume.

Academic qualification needs to be elaborated to an extent; you need to mention the following details:

  • Name of your degree
  • Name and location of the institute/university
  • Year of course completion
  • Grades obtained

Along with the above details, you are also to include 3 or 4 bulleted points, explaining what you were exposed to during the study program. But whatever you include, must hold utmost relevance to the job/internship that you are applying for.

While including your key skills, make sure you cut down on the most commonplace ones. Introduce the reader to your managerial skills and administrative abilities. The section should cover your knowledge in the sectors and sub-sectors of business management. Mention about 4-6 points, highlighting them using bullets.

Qualities of a student resume

It is very essential for a student resume to impart the essence of willingness to serve and learn. Although all the information in the resume should be directed to your strengths, aspirations, knowledge, and abilities, it must show an evident link between your profile and the employer's requirements. Be brief and specific to the most. The reader of your resume is generally a very busy recruiter, who has to review hundreds of applications and pick out a few desirable ones from a big pile of applications. By being brief and simple, you are doing a great favor to him. Stick to one page only. Strive to maintain uniformity throughout your resume. Arrange all significant information in a regulated manner, so as to avoid the chances of improperly distributed significance in any part of the resume.

Given below is a free sample of a business management major resume for your reference:

Ryan S. Martinson
2472 Ventura Drive
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 394-9798

Major in Business Management:

Seeking an opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge pertaining to various aspects of business management, and share the vision of the organization to further develop essential skills and deliver optimum performance.


Bachelor of Business Management2011
Stanford University, CA
Placed in grade A

  • Basic understanding of economics, accounting, financial management
  • Business laws & ethics and entrepreneurship
  • Management information systems, operational research, and supply chain management
  • Insight into human resources, marketing, and strategic management

Key Skills:

  • Highly proficient in prioritizing work/tasks and situation handling
  • Highly self-motivated with a creative approach towards problematic situations
  • Concentrated vision for innovation and optimization of performance through self-improvement
  • Fundamental knowledge of recruitment and staffing process and performance appraisals
  • Sound understanding of marketing concepts and principles like targeting, segmentation, research, analysis, and expansion
  • Effective communicator, close attention to details


Available upon request

Note: The above sample is merely for reference and copying the contents of the resume is likely to result in the preparation of a generic resume. You need to customize the information carefully, so as to make it very personal to your situation. Browse the website to find more resume templates and cover letter samples.

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