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Business Administration Major Resume

A business administration major resume highlights the student's career interests and essential skills and knowledge pertaining to various aspects of the profession, such as strategic planning, central and public administration, human resources, organizing, analysis, budgeting, or the administration of non-profit organizations etc, depending upon the requirements specified in the job profile. A field of profession that seems to be ever growing is sought to shower the job seeking candidates with innumerable opportunities for advancement. The purpose of a resume is to successfully market your abilities. Your application being the first point of contact with your employer, it should be pottered to perfection, with all significant information uniformly laid out and highlighted. Start your resume by stating your contact details. Then, include a title to your resume, such as "Major in Business Administration". Four words that speak your profile.

The Career Objective

Immediately following the title, include your career objective which explains your career related goals and vision, running in parallel to the employer's expectations. Contacting the employer/recruiter prior to drafting the application is highly beneficial as it provides a clear picture of what is expected from you. It is certain that the quality of your objective determines the level of involvement of the reader, and the tone should remain formal while the content stays very personal. Be specific. Do not design a general objective that you can use it for several applications. No, don't do that, it's an oroborous practice. Resumes whose information is very general are most likely to be rejected.

Academic History Educational details should project essential information pertaining to the degree that you have obtained, the name and location of the university/institute, the grades that you have obtained, and about 3 points informing the reader about the modules and subjects that you are most familiar with. Highlight these points using bullets, for clear visibility. There is no need to include any details regarding your high school; however, do mention if you have attended any training or certification programs.

Professional experience:

Include the information of any internship programs that you may have undergone. In this case, include the details of your employer such as its name and location, and your designation and duration within the company. Also remember to include the duties and responsibilities you were given as an intern. List about 4-5 points, cutting down on the most commonplace ones. Also, keep in mind that all the information that you project in your resume should hold somewhat relevance to the administration of business.

Zoom in on your skills

Once you have provided the details of your education and any previous employment, showcase your strengths, including about 4-6 points, only the most significant ones. Form short bulleted sentences explaining your depth of knowledge in various sectors of business administration and related management principles. You may also include the information of any awards or rewards that you may have earned down the career line. In such cases, mention them as your accomplishments.

Given below is a free sample of a student resume (business administration major), for your reference. Observe its format and grasp fully the nature of its contents. Customize before you include the contents in your resume.

Irene J. McMorrow
2455 Bates Brothers Road
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 307-8155

Major in Business Administration

Seeking an opportunity to utilize all skills and knowledge gained through education and practice the implementation of managerial concepts and strategies, and share the vision of the organization to grow within the field of business administration.

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Business Administration2011
Columbus State University, OH
Placed in grade A

  • Studied core topics including economics, financial management, business statistics, and accounting
  • Learned the fundamentals of business ethics and essential business and corporate laws
  • Detailed study involving strategic management, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, and customer/competitor analysis
  • Designed a project on "International Business and Legal Management" for the final assessments

Key Skills:

  • Deep knowledge in market research, targeting, segmentation, and expansion
  • Fundamental understanding of management information systems
  • Thorough with qualitative and quantitative principles and research techniques
  • Expert in the interpretation of statistical/mathematical data
  • Proficient in task prioritizing and situation handling, with close attention to minute details
  • Highly efficient in written and verbal communication


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