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Biology Major Resume

Biology major resume brings into light the candidate's career interests and goals, along with his skills and abilities pertaining to various sectors of biology such as animal behavior, genetics, biochemistry, environmental restoration, evolution, ecology, cell biology etc. It should contain detailed information regarding your academic background, including what you have learnt from the study program. Start by constructing a healthy objective, one that shows your interest and eagerness to become an active professional within the field. Learning phase isn't over yet. Education only sets a foundation for growth. The actual learning process begins when you enter the world of employment, so it's important to express your willingness to learn. Keep it brief, but quite explanatory. Strive to frame sentences that lack the essence of "I" or "my" in it. Explore your skills in marketing and present your profile with enhancement. Promote it, but ensure that you don't try and sell yourself.

Including a short title for your objective is a good idea, as it will add more clarity. What should your title be? Check the one that is shown in the sample given below. The quality of your career objective determines the degree of involvement of the reader. So frame it well. If you have undertaken any internship or training programs, do include the information as your professional experience, and mention the most significant points with relation to your field of interest. Keep focused at projecting your capability to fulfill the requirements laid down by the employer. You may also mention your achievements, but cut down on those that are commonplace or very general.

Highlight your key skills

Following your objective and academic history, include a section dedicated to showcasing your fundamental skill sets and knowledge. Establish an evident link leading to that what's expected of you as an employee. Include about 4-6 points, the most essential elements that shape your profile. Highlight them using bullets. For example, if you are a little too familiar with genetics, portray your knowledge concerning the organization, expression, and transmission of genetic material; or maybe your understanding in cell signaling and transduction.

Include an effective cover letter

A cover letter becomes an active part of your application; in fact, it holds more significance than your resume. A cover letter is like an introduction to your job application. It is a personal note to the recruiter, expressing your interests and qualification in brief, while zooming in on your abilities and willingness to become an active part of the team. This is your first official point of contact that acts as an effective mode of communication between you and the recruiter. However, you are not to get into deep details; nor should you summarize the contents of your resume onto the letter. Here's a chance to display the skills and knowledge that you have acquired through the study programs. The website contains hundreds of cover letter samples for several scenarios. Do explore.

Given below is a free sample of a biology major resume for your reference. Observe its layout and understand the nature of its contents. Keep a formal tone, be brief and specific. Customize the contents of the sample to suit your profile and strive to make it personal. Remember, a generic resume is most likely to be ignored.

Robin L. Murrow
2467 Water Street
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(925) 261-1920

Major in Biology:

Seeking an opportunity to implement the theories concerning biological principles and practices and work to develop fundamental skills, while progressing towards delivering best outcomes; become an active part of biological research involving evolution and ecology.

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Science (General Biology)
Stanford University, Stanford
Placed in grade A

  • Genomic, paleontology, phenetic, phylogenetic, cladistics, and phylogeny
  • Fundamentals of molecular biology, including cell properties, genetic interactions, and developmental biology
  • Evolutionary research - mammalogy, botany, ornithology, and taxonomy

Key Skills:

  • Sound understanding of herpetology, animal and plant physiology
  • Highly self-motivated, creative with an artistic inclination to science
  • Proficient in the interpretation and analysis of biological data
  • Efficient in work prioritization with close attention to detail
  • Expert in the use of computers and related applications


Available upon request

Keep all text left indented and restrict the use of bold or capital headings. In case you are asked to provide references, include the contact details of at least two professionals you know within your profession. Browse the website to come across more resume templates and cover letter samples.

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