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Art History Major Resume

An art history major resume highlights the most essential aspects of the candidate's educational background, which would enhance the profile and make it eligible for an internship or a permanent employment. Whether you are seeking full time or part time employment opportunities has to be specified in the career objective, or the title. It is always a good practice to include a title to your resume. Generally, the objective acts as a title to your profile, but a separate title that explains your career path or the field of interest in a few words will eventually give the reader a clearer picture. Following the title, include a career objective, skillfully crafted to express the purpose of the application. Include the information of any internship/training programs that you may have undergone in the past, as the information is of great significance.

Highlighting Your Academic Qualification

Recently graduated students should provide the details of their academic qualification with little elaboration; elaboration, not elongation. Contents of this section should comprise of details such as the name of the degree, the name and location of the university or institute, the year of completion of the course, and grades obtained. Along with these details, include two or three points pertaining to the modules that you are most familiar with and the knowledge that you posses, with respect to the particular study program. Highlight them using bullets for better and clear visibility. Similarly, repeat the procedure for all other academic courses that you have completed. Bear in mind to arrange all information in reverse chronological order, so as to feature the most recent happenings on top.

Zooming in on your skills

The ability to market oneself makes it seem that there are highly competitive job seekers around. Advertising one's own profile it is. And those who succeed get the job first. Is this competition? No, it only seems like a competition. There's a job for every candidate. The search, though, might become extended. Putting forth your skills with enhancement will successfully gain the confidence of the reader, and also inform him/her about your strengths and capabilities. Include about 5-6 points, leaving out all the general skill sets. In case you have earned any medals, awards, or rewards during your education or internship, you are most welcome to add the details in a separate section as "accomplishments."

Essential Tips for Student Resume Writing

  • All the information that you project should hold some relevance to the internship program/employment that you are seeking
  • Keep the information employer oriented, the recruiter is checking whether you meet their expectations
  • It is recommended that you contact the employer and discuss his needs prior to drafting the application
  • Avoid framing sentences using I, my, or your; sentence formation should be brief and simple
  • Add references only if the employer has specified, otherwise simply mention "Available upon request"

Given below is a free sample of a student resume (Art History major):

Mathew R. Jordan
2875 Rogers Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 579-7471

Art History Major seeking internship

Seeking an opportunity to utilize essential knowledge and communication skills at disposal and deliver outcomes for the advancement of a vision; aimed at contributing to the prevalence of history, as wisdom, throughout the nation.


B.A. in Art History2011
Ohio State University
Placed in grade A2

  • Fundamental knowledge of the history of ancient, medieval, and non-western art, with clear memory of dates and eons
  • Gained adequate exposure to demonstrating visual literacy and the study pertaining to the origin of several artworks
  • Learned essential cultural contexts, which explain the origin of different forms of art

Key Skills:

  • Expert in verbal and written communication, highly efficient in the organization, interpretation, and analysis of historical data
  • Sound knowledge of multi/cross-cultural interaction that has great influence on the interpretation of artworks
  • Fundamental knowledge of archeology and preservation
  • Highly creative, self-motivated, with a unidirectional vision for accumulation of ancient knowledge
  • Excellent presentation skills, proficient in the use of MS office works and Adobe Photoshop


  • Final year assignment titled "Interpretation of Art through History", comprising of 13 sections in 70 pages, have been adopted by Pupil House for publication and distribution nationwide
  • Chosen as the event organizer during for annual art exhibition that is coordinated and conducted by art students of the Ohio State University


Thompson Veil
Head of Department - Art Education
(513) 561-0201

Eliza Walt
Professor - Ancient Art

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