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Anthropology Major Resume

A resume is an important document that helps the applicants in the process of job application. A resume makes the recruiter clear of applicant's capabilities and expertise. Likewise an Anthropology Major Resume reflects his/her knowledge and expertise in the field. Writing a resume for the anthropology post is not that easy a task and many applicants face difficulties while constructing it.

Anthropology is broadly a part of social science that deals with the study of the human race. It deals with the development and journey of human beings from ape like animals to modern civilized man. It also discusses about the diverse human culture that has evolved over the years with the development of human species. An anthropologist is a person who performs research work, analyzes and studies the subject matter and branches of anthropology. Applicants applying for the post of an anthropologist must therefore have a strong grip on the subject.

The resume of anthropology major must be written in such fashion that it portrays the applicant's potential for the post. The recruiter will approve the resume and will decide applicant's eligibility for the position of an anthropologist. Therefore the resume will play a vital role in the recruitment process. Ergo it is very essential to write the resume of an Anthropologist Major in a proper manner so as to impress the employer.

Many applicants face problems while writing a resume as they are unaware of the pattern and technique to write one. Many applicants also have the habit of negligence in case of resume and submit ill prepared resumes. Submission of such resumes have a greater possibility to face rejection by the recruiter at the time recruitment. Applicants with poor resume writing must therefore gain better knowledge of how to construct a resume properly in order to be successful during a job application.

Tips for writing better Anthropology Major Resume

  • Selecting a format: Choosing a proper format or a layout design is necessary. A format gives the resume it's shape and structure. Without a format it will be very difficult to organize all facts and data in one single sheet of paper. Following a proper format will allow the applicant in organizing all his personal, professional and academic aspects in a single page.

  • Keeping it brief and simple: Applicants must keep the resume short, brief and simple. The resume must not possess unnecessary information that is irrelevant to the post. Long sentences and paragraphs must not be used. Bulleted points must be used wherever applicable as it helps in making the resume brief and prompt. The resume must also be written in simple text that is easy to understand and readable.

  • Maintaining a formal tone: A formal tone must be maintained as it makes the resume look professional. Informal words and phrases must not be used as it affects the quality of the resume and leaves a bad impression on the recruiter.

  • Capitalizing on the important points: Applicants must highlight the important points that the employer will put more emphasis on while judging the eligibility of the applicant. These points include applicant's skills, knowledge, professional experience, etc.

  • Proof reading: After finishing the resume, applicants must proof read it several times to check for spelling and grammar errors. Applicants can also make someone among their friends or family read the resume and ask for their review.

We hope that the above tips will surely help applicants in constructing a proper anthropology resume for their job application. Below is a sample resume of an anthropology major that will help applicants in gaining a proper idea about the resume format and layout.

Sample Anthropology Major Resume

Rebecca Brown
Goldie S Building, 20th Rolex Avenue,
Miami, Florida (4698 5655)
Email address:
Telephone number: 987 723421

Career Objective: To work as an anthropologist in a reputed organization where I can utilize my skills and knowledge for the development of the subject matter and its contents.

Career Summary: Prior experience with several institutions in teaching students the concept of anthropology.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent computing skills with proficiency in several applications
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good understanding of maps
  • Good in synthesizing
  • Excellent documentary making skills

Work History:

  1. Catalan Community Study and workshop, Barcelona , Spain (2008)

    • Presented study paper
    • Worked on the history and origin of Catalan people and culture

  2. Monthly Anthropology Journal, Sun Publications, Miami, Texas (June 2009-December 2009)

    • Written journals on the various tribes and cultures of the world.
    • Journals on modern man and his ancestral foot prints.
    • Editing of work done by junior anthropologists.
    • Publishing of recent events and research work in anthropology.

  3. New York Times Journal ( weekly) Anthropology(April 2010- September 2011)

    • Writing on the studies conducted by anthropologist around the globe
    • Performed several national and international field trips for studying the local anthropology.
    • Submitting test papers and writing on the field trips.
    • Making documentaries

Academic History:

  • Did Masters in Anthropology from Miami University.
  • Pursued graduation in Arts with specialization in anthropology from Miami University.

Personal Interest: Reading, internet surfing, traveling, movie making, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above tips and sample of Anthropology Major Resume will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application.

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