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Weak Educational Background (Assistant Manager) Resume

The resume of an assistant manager showing weak educational background is likely to be considered as undesirable, unless it is crafted skillfully, so as to zoom in on your professional experience and key skills. Spending some extra time and energy will surely lead you over the right path. Market your skills and abilities effectively to supersede the effect of a weak educational background. In general, lack of adequate education only causes problems while entering the realm of employment; however once you get employment, the flow can easily be sustained. There are millions of employees across the globe who're out there outperforming, and many amongst them do possess an inadequate academic history. It's not about how much you have studied, in fact how much knowledge you hold is what matters here.

Start the resume by mentioning your contact details, including your email address. Then, include a healthy career objective that represents your vision or career related goals and aspirations. However, you are to ensure that the information that you project out there has got to do something with the employer's needs. The recruiter wants someone who will deliver what's expected of him. So, besides portraying your interest within the field, your vision should hold somewhat relevance to that of the company that you're applying for. Keep it personal. Contact the employer beforehand and discuss his needs. You'll get a clearer picture as to what qualities are expected of you as a desirable candidate for the position and how to present them with enhancement. Being an assistant manager in any field brings you opportunities as well as challenges that are bound to put your skills and capabilities to test. You are to portray that you can push to bend. Your job application must bear the essence of your willingness to become an active part of their team. Keep that in mind while stating your skills.

Work History:

Prior work experience hold much more significance than your academic background. After all, your ability to serve and deliver is what it's all about. Mention the details of your previous employment such as the name and location of the company and your designation and duration of service. You are also supposed to include 4-6 points that describe your role in the previous employment. Think, assimilate, select, organize. Arrange all information in a reverse chronological order to mark the most recent events on top.

Academic history need not be elaborated. Simply list the essential details such as the name of the degree, the name and location of the college/university, and the year of completion of the course. Include the details of any certification courses that you have attended. Also, if you have any information pertaining to career accomplishments to include, you may do so now. Finally, include references if the employer has specified.

Given below is a free sample of an assistant manager resume with weak academic history:

Jose C. Mathis
3448 Prospect Valley Road
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 915-5564


Experienced Night Auditor seeks the position of Asst. Office Manager; seeking an opportunity to utilize essential administrative and auditing skills further on a managerial scale, and work towards bringing in desired changes to the current system, and grow in parallel to the company's vision.

Key Skills:

  • Highly self-motivated, with a multi-dimensional vision for innovation
  • Adept in the organization, interpretation, analysis, and review of statistical, operational, and functional reports
  • Sound experience in accounting, bookkeeping, audit, taxation, training, payroll management, and attendance regularization
  • Highly efficient in interdepartmental communication
  • Proficient in the use of computers and related applications
  • Quick decisiveness, efficient in multitasking and situation handling

Work History:

Employer: Ideal Garden Suites - Los Angeles, CAOct 2009 till present
Designation: Night Auditor

  • Maintain the accounts of everyday activities, while ensuring the provision of essential desk support for employees and visitors
  • Review, verify, and maintain financial records and take appropriate measure if found any variance
  • Ensure the safety of in-house guests and act for evacuation during situations involving emergency
  • Collect and change CCTV tapes once in a week and secure them

Employer: The Mezzanine - Downy, CAMar 2006 till Jun 2009
Designation: Front Desk Executive

  • Receive calls to answer queries and take reservations
  • Execute the check-in/check-out procedures, including payments and receipts
  • Provide high quality desk support for customers and employees
  • Coordinate with lobby staffs for the provision of porter and valet service
  • Maintain a database on clean and unclean rooms to ensure a flawless service

Academic Qualification:

Certified Diploma in Accountancy2005
St. John Community College


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