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Temporary Employment History (Administration) Resume

An administration resume showing temporary employment history is likely to disinterest the reader, if the information it projects do not meet the employer's expectations. It is therefore considered as a good practice to contact the employer/recruiter prior to applying for the job, and discuss their requirements. This will give you a clear idea as to what you need to present in your resume. Your application if the first official point of contact with the employment that you are seeking. Having temporary history only takes form of a limitation if the contents of the resume aren't directed towards the employer. It should be a personal message to the recruiters, laying down all your administrative skills and abilities, along with your career related interests and goals, for them to take in. You're only a poor competitor if you lack sufficient knowledge pertaining to administration, or if you fail to draft a productive application. So, explore your marketing skills and promote your profile effectively, taking care not to make it too elaborated or short on significant information.

Picking a standard layout for drafting the resume is an old tradition, and we suggest customizing it according to your scenario. For example, in the sample below, you'll find the objective, followed by a section dedicated to your key skills, and then your employment history. See that the employment history contains the fundamental details such as the name and location of the employer etc, along with 4-5 points pertaining to the previous job profiles. Now, in case you do not have sufficient points to include here, you can certainly include a profile summary instead, where you need to club your previous job descriptions and your skills together into one integrated section that speak your strengths. Customize according to the needs, just ensure that you lay out all significant information uniformly, which will keep the reader cling onto to your application till he's finished reading it. You don't need to strive too hard for it. Just speak your heart, show your willingness to become a part of the team. Although a resume is quite impersonal when compared to a cover letter, you can still give it a personal appeal by being very specific with all those details that you include in there.

You'll also see that the education section has not been elaborated. Only recently graduated students are to elaborate their academic history; otherwise, there's no need to mention the course details. Remember that all date-bound information should follow the arrangement of a reverse chronology, which will feature all the recent event on top. In the below sample, you'll also notice that the candidate's key skills and previous job descriptions are highlighted using bullets. You need to strategically place the bulleted information, facilitating a better visibility. The sample of the administration resume (temporary employment history) given below bears a customized layout. Study carefully the contents of the sample and personalize it to a great extent before you include them in your application.

Charles M. Biles
4800 Court right Street
Washburn, ND 58577
(701) 460-3511


Administrative Officer seeking permanent employment to utilize essential administrative skills, to share the vision of the company and grow along, while contributing to its market value and internal advancement.

Key Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of accounting principles, audit, and taxation
  • Proficient in ledger and budget maintenance
  • Highly efficient in the interpretation and analysis of statistical and mathematical data
  • Effective time management and task prioritizing, with an innovate approach to problematic situations
  • Highly efficient in schedule and report maintenance, petty cash management, and travel and transport management

Employment History:

Employer: Buena Vista Plumbing Services - Washburn, ND2011
Designation: Administrative Associate (Seasonal contract)
Duration: 5 months

  • Provide high quality administrative support to the daily internal functions
  • Ensure the smooth functioning of daily business activities by ensuring proper interdepartmental communication
  • Maintain client database and project records, assist in legal research
  • Prepare agendas for employee conferences and departmental meetings
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of office equipment and coordinate inventory control

Employer: Jaeger Trucking - Washburn, ND2010-2011
Designation: Administrative officer (Contract)
Duration: 12 months

  • Overlook the administrative functions of logistics, legal and safety compliance, and regulate interdepartmental communication
  • Monitor the procurement of spare parts for truck maintenance as per the requirements
  • Maintain an accounting database, keeping track of all financial and operational records Administer the payroll procedures and the cost spent on gas and repairs
  • Schedule and attendance report maintenance


PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management2009
Rasmussen College - Bismarck, ND
Placed in grade A

Bachelor of Commerce2008
Bismarck State College - Bismarck, ND
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

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