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Retiree Reentering The Work Force (Principal) Resume

The resume of a retired principal, reentering the work force, must bear a strong career objective that expresses the candidate's interest pertaining to academics as a profession. It must be crafted to describe your intentions as to why you wish to resume employment after retirement. While you do so, the information that you portray must hold somewhat relevance to the employer's needs. It is therefore recommended that you contact the institute beforehand to discuss the job specifications in detail, and get a clear idea of their expectations. Whether you're a retiree or not matters less for quite many recruiters, but you can only ensure that you market your abilities effectively, in order to gain the confidence of the recruiter. An easy and informative read through the application would help keep the reader along, whereas an elongated and over-hyped resume, stuffed with abundant generic information, isn't going to do the trick. Don't get creative, be plain, direct, and simple.

Following your objective, include a profile summary, summarizing your professional experience into 6-8 most significant points. This, we do as a substitute for the job description, so as to make the resume compact. A resume, ideally, stretches up to a page's length; however, one might consider adding a second page if there's too much information to stuff within one. Recollect the most significant roles that you have played as an academic professional and highlight them using bullets to facilitate extra focus. Now, summarizing will take a considerable amount of time, but the outcome of this investment is self-significant. Then follows your skill sets. Construct a section that showcases your key competencies, bringing into light your knowledge and understanding in managerial and administrative sectors of academy. While organizing your employment history, follow a reverse chronology, so as to feature the most recent information on the top. Details to be drawn in this section include the name and location of the employer/institute/college, your designation, and duration of employment, inclusive of dates. Educational details are to be highlighted, however not in much detail. Simply include the name of the degree and the academic institution, its location, the year of course completion, and the grades that you secured.

Include an effective cover letter

Your resume alone is only a part of your job application, where enclosing a cover letter will complete it. In fact, the cover letter introduces the reader to your application, not the resume. Only after reading the cover letter does a recruiter decide whether to move on to the resume. The cover letter is a personal note to the employer, a mode of communication and a powerful marketing tool that brings into light your interests and highlights the most fundamental elements that shape your profile. The cover letter also acts as a medium to express your willingness to serve and show your longing to become a part of their team. The tone here, should be formal, but the message personal. There are several cover letter samples provided for your reference, browse to come across the best match for your profile.

Given below is a free sample of a resume for a principal, retired and reentering the work force. Observe the layout and understand the nature of its contents. Study the sentence formation and customize its contents effectively, before including them in your resume.

Chad L. Sparks
4814 Paradise Lane
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 626-5903

Career Objective:

Retired principal seeks an opportunity to resume the course of employment in the academic sector; to cater to the society in shaping young minds by ensuring proper administration of the academic system.

Executive Summary:

  • 24 years of academic service, 7 years as a principal
  • Played an active role in the development and implementation of campus regulations
  • Made favorable changes to the then existing curriculum that helped slow learners grow in terms of performance, while not compromising on the essentials
  • Administered academic staff and faculty requirements; overlooked and coordinated the process of recruitment, interview, selection, and performance analysis
  • Overlooked the organization of annual graduation events and science exhibitions
  • Monitored the efficiency of industrial and geographical field visits and brought in desired changes that improved the value of study programs
  • Coordinated with management in the handling of legal aspects, student admissions, foreign exchange, taxation, funding, and annual budgeting
  • Stay in constant coordination with accrediting associations and educational bodies and implement updates in curriculum as specified

Key Skills:

  • Experienced in the regulation of interdepartmental communication
  • Proficient in the maintenance of student database and financial records
  • Highly creative, effective in task prioritizing, quick decisiveness, with a unilateral focus towards literacy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Core knowledge of college administration, accreditation, and audit
  • Proficient in the use of computers, expert user of MS Office Works and Adobe applications

Employment History:

Pomona College - Claremont, CA
2002 till 2009

Head of Department - Hospitality Studies
Claremont Graduate University - Claremont, CA
1994 till 1999

Western University - Claremont, CA
1989 till 1994

College Administrator
Western University - Claremont, CA
1985 till 1988


Principals Qualification Course2001
University of Bath, UK

MA in Education Administration1989
University of Phoenix
Placed in grade A

BA in Public Education1982
University of Phoenix
Placed in grade A


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