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Overseas Employment History (Field Administrator) Resume

A field administrator resume showing overseas employment history is a jewel for a taking; however, the information needs to be organized so as to generate that fundamental spark that will earn you the opportunity of an interview. Exchange of culture is an important factor that signifies one's profile, and having traveled overseas becomes a great advantage, as competition comes into the picture. You possess significance, so show it to the employer. The recruiter is looking for a candidate like you, but he doesn't know you. And the resume is the perfect mode of communication that would establish a fundamental relationship between your and the employer. The application is the first official point of contact that gets you ever closer to the employment that you are seeking. As a field administrator you might have been involved in cost analysis and administration, project research, media, document control and database maintenance (if in IT), and operations. You are to highlight all the significant duties that you had been involved in during your previous employment.

A skillfully designed career objective specifies the candidate's interests and aspirations as a personal note, the information going perfectly in accordance with the employer's specifications/expectations. A short, yet quite explanatory sentence is what the recruiter wants to see as your career goal. So, be specific, precise, and brief. It is recommended that you include a profile summary, a section where you can list both your key skills as well as the most significant points pertaining to your professional experience, although education details need not be included here. Include about 4-8 points, depending upon the amount of information you have to project, highlighting them using bullets, to facilitate the reader's visibility. Also state your achievements here, provided that they hold some significance to the job profile you are seeking/applying for.

Immediately following your objective and profile summary, mention your professional experience, including essential details like the name and location of the employer, and your designation and duration within the company. You may choose to include the job descriptions too, but skip out on the profile summary if you do wish to do so. In such cases, you are to include a section dedicated to showcase your key skills. But it's recommended that you include a profile summary instead.

Then, mention the base details of your academic history, such as the name and location of the university or the institute, the name of the degree, the year of completion of the course, and grades obtained. Also include the details of any certification courses that you have completed. Remember that all the information pertaining to your education and employment history should be arranged in a reverse chronological order, featuring the most recent events on the top, where the older ones follow. References are to be given only if the employer has specified.

Given below is a free sample of a resume for field administrator with overseas employment history, for your reference. Observe the layout and grasp the tone and the nature of its contents. Finally, do not forget to include an effective cover letter that introduces the reader to your application. You'll find plenty of cover letter samples throughout the website.

Nicholas L. Erickson
1669 Tanglewood Road
Jackson, MS 39201
(662) 977-7704


Field Administrator seeks an opportunity to bring in innovative changes to the managerial practices and operational procedures involving the coordination and completion of field projects, while ensuring a high quality product that is bound to add to the advancement of the organization, internal as well as within the market.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 7 years of total work experience, 3 years as a field administrator for sales and marketing campaigns
  • Have worked in Ireland, Germany, and Canada to coordinate and support the completion of the assigned projects (long-term and short-term) within the stipulated time frame
  • Deeply involved in budgeting, inventory control, quality audit, and strategic planning and implementation
  • Administered marketing field projects involving the promotion of medical equipment targeting medicinal research facilities in Suhl, Germany
  • Experienced in the preparation and maintenance of project updates, logs, and other project specific reports in the form of electronic as well as hard files
  • Organized, coordinated, and actively participated in client teleconferences and corporate meets for product based discussions
  • Proficient in recruitment, training, performance appraisals, and payroll management
  • Known languages - English, Russian, German, Arabic

Employment History:

Employer: Gamma Flob - Crystal Springs, MSJun 2008 till Dec 2011
Designation: Field Administrator

Employer: Strongbod - Belfast, IrelandMar 2004 till Feb 2008
Designation: Field Marketing Supervisor

Employer: Complete Tech - Little Rock, ARSep 1999 till Feb 2002
Designation: Marketing Executive

Academic History:

MBA in Marketing Management2004
St. Mary's University College, Belfast
Placed in Grade A

Bachelor of Computer Engineering1999
Mississippi State University
Placed in grade B


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