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Military Background (Supervisor) Resume

When a supervisor's resume shows military background, the candidate's application holds great advantage, but there's a fair possibility that the value may go unnoticed if the application isn't drafted with care. Enhancement, coupled with delivery, will bring into light the significant elements pertaining to your professional qualification, and zoom in on your character as a disciplined, sincere, confident, and humane individual. A desirable profile is what you have to project; your qualities and capabilities must stand out, drawing a clear outline of your career history. In most cases, it's the career objective that draws the attention of the reader. While it acts as an official title to your resume, it also puts forth your professional interests and aspirations. Having served for the military is quite an experience in itself; however, it needs to be highlighted with care, so as to retain its value, or may be even optimize it a little, without manipulating the details of course.

Your application is a strong medium for communication and a written expression of your intentions. Organize all your thoughts carefully, picking only those aspects that hold utmost relevance to the job specification here. It's also a great practice to contact the employer/recruiter beforehand and discuss his needs. Check the company's website and grasp their vision. This will guide you in presenting your skills and abilities productively. Following your objective, include a profile summary, where you need to mention 6-8 points that reflect your professional background. State your previous role as a military professional, and your supervisory role in a specified profession. Highlight them using bullets for better visibility. Then, include a section that is dedicated to showcasing your key skills and strengths, projecting your proficiency and knowledge in the supervisory functions of any given industry.

Often it becomes difficult to cover all the significant points within these two sections. If you still have important points specific to your previous job responsibilities, you may as well include a couple bulleted points, while stating the fundamental details such as the name and location of your employer and your designation and duration within the company. Remember that all dated information should be arranged in a reverse chronological order, so as to feature the recent events on top. Following your employment history, state your educational qualification, without getting deep into the details such as the course modules and subject details. If you wish to include the details of any awards or rewards that you have earned so far, then you may do so as a separate section called accomplishments, or you may even include it in your profile summary, depending upon the number of points you have in hand to mention.

See below for a free sample of supervisor resume with military background. Observe the layout and pay careful attention to its customization. You'll notice that the tone of delivery is quite formal, but the message is all very personal and specific to the job specifications.

Charlie M. Moorehead
2157 Sheila Lane
Hadley, NV 89045
(775) 377-0881


Ex-military professional seeking an opportunity to monitor and direct the workforce of the organization towards improving its performance, with an aim to promote internal advancement, thus contributing to its growth in the market.

Profile Summary:

  • Extensively served as a law enforcement professional, involving the supervision and training of approximately 80 soldiers for 7 years
  • Involved in data collection, analysis, interpretation, planning, and implementation
  • Decreased substantially the staff turnover with the help of adequate training, team building, and motivation
  • Deeply involved in the regulation of interdepartmental communication
  • Involved in the development and maintenance of candidate/soldiers database, including the information of soldiers under medical treatments
  • Monitored and assessed security functions and operations
  • Have won the American Service and American Campaign Medal
  • Do not forget to demilitarize your job responsibilities, as many recruiters are likely to face problems comprehending the facts

Key Skills:

  • Highly self-motivated, confident, with quick decisiveness
  • Multi-dimensional and creative approach towards problematic situations, known for accuracy in judgment and resolution
  • Proficient as a professional trainer, mentor, or an instructor
  • Highly skilled in written and verbal communication
  • Experienced in task prioritizing, schedule maintenance, administration, accounting, and financial analysis
  • Able to work smoothly during critical situations, under no influence of stress or work pressure
  • Highly proficient in the use of computers and MS Office Works

Professional Experience:

Training NCO
US Army Reserve Training Center - Silver City, NM
2003 till 2010

  • Include any further specific job responsibilities here (for each employer)

Squad Leader
U.S. Army Regional Recruit - Fort Irwin, CA
1998 till 2003

US Army Recruiting Office - Harlingen, TX
1990 till 1996

Academic Qualification:

US Army Basic Training
Basic Training Boot Camp - Frisco, TX

Bachelor in Social Sciences
University of Phoenix, CA


Available upon request

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