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Military Background (Intelligence Specialist) Resume

A military background (intelligence specialist) resume is written by a person who is a valuable asset of the nation's secret/intelligence agencies like CIA and FBI. In addition to these, there are other underground agencies of which we don't know. An intelligence specialist is a field operative working undercover in the conflict zones or even in the domestic region. His one and only task is to take care of the homeland security, thus in the line of his duty, collecting secret info on enemy activities by infiltrating their communications and/ operations network. Infiltrating into one's communication network will require strong surveillance skills including the use of microphones, hidden cameras, wire tapping, forced mobile pairing, satellite image reading and field informers.

The job of an intelligence personnel in the operation field is highly risky. On being caught behind the enemy lines, he will not be acknowledged officially by his government, though there may be a chance of secret rescue mission. But usually, such a person stays off the radar, even for his own agency, with the exception of certain scheduled interactions via phone or coded messages.

The CIA has their operatives working off-shore in the areas of conflict, the FBI has their operatives working within the US territory. Langley, as the CIA headquarters, plays an important role in its day-to-day functioning.

The resume of such a person states a list of the missions assigned to him till date, along with other details. This document is available to only the high brass of the agencies and is amongst the top secret documents of the nation, as no other party could learn the identity of such an important agency asset.

After the events of 9/11, such agencies started to over-clock and went full-throttle with secret missions and spy services. A sense of paranoia among the citizens of US is one of the leading factors why CIA and FBI started large scale secret assignments. Now the entire aim of these agencies and their numerous hidden assets is to thwart any and all terrorist plots before they see the light of the day. Homeland security is the number one priority for these people at this moment.

Following is an intelligence specialist resume sample for your reference.

Military Background (Intelligence Specialist) Resume Sample

Caine Walters
123, Treadstone
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 412-08976


To carry out all the orders from the headquarters and infiltrate into the danger zones to collect and transmit specified information, with only one objective- protecting the nation.


  • With CIA since last 15 years
  • Served with the Marine Corps, joined CIA as a part of special program
  • Have carried out operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Have developed several high value local assets in the foreign lands for continuous information flow
  • 12 undercover assignments to my credit till date
  • Specialized in tracking suspects and criminals


  • Excellent tactical skills and, in addition, fully trained in combat
  • Trained Marine Corps Special Officer
  • Counterintelligence specialist with rich experience in domestic operations
  • Expert in handling surveillance operations and monitoring


Overseas Assignments

  • Posted in Iraq as a part of a special team to put a surveillance on our No.1 person of interest Abu Nazir, 2009-2012
  • Provided Langley with the information on Abu Nazir's weapon units and several other high-value strategic points of operations, 2010
  • Joint intelligence operations in Pakistan with MI6 in 2004, 2006 and 2007
  • Supplied Langley with target coordinates and helped in organizing drone-attacks.

Domestic Operations

  • Served with the WHITE House Intelligence staff in 2000-2003
  • Set up surveillance on people on the list- bugging, tapping and tracking movements via GPS devices (since 2000)

Marine Operations

  • Posted at Guenna Bay Harbor, on IL-271 battle vessel for intercepting communications form other foreign vessels and launching quick response assault operations, from 1998-2000
  • Carried out assault operations in Afghanistan from 1996-1998


  • Maritime and Land Surveillance, Marine Core, Batch of 1996
  • Graduation in Electronics Engineering., University of Brooklyn, 1994
  • Riverdale High School, 1992

This is how one drafts a military background (intelligence specialist) resume in a well-structured manner. One doesn't have to write about the details of the missions; just a brief of the main ones is more than enough.

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