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Frequent Job Changer (Copywriter) Resume

The resume of a copywriter who's a frequent job changer should be strategically drafted so as to divert the attention of the reader from his/her employment history to the key skills that he/she possesses. It is natural for the recruiters to inspect the resume for suspected undesirable elements and frequent changes in employment is one amongst them. The task is all about convincing the recruiter to consider you as a desirable candidate. Unless you are quite clear to stick with the next employment for a long time, your communication with the recruiter might possibly reveal that you are merely looking for a place to work for a short amount of time.

Here comes your marketing skills into picture. You need to market yourself effectively and gain the confidence of the reader to see you as a desirable candidate despite the frequent employment changes. Don't work towards reducing the aura of the discrepancies in your employment history, instead try and highlight your strengths; that alone will do the job.

Design an effective career objective

The quality of your career objective determines the involvement of the reader in your application. A recruiter only decides to take a glance at your resume once he has finished reading your cover letter. Therefore, it becomes your duty to ensure that he stays with your application. All you need to do is sustain his attention. Put forth your career goals and interests in a straightforward and effective manner, expressing your longing for the opportunity that you seek. Frame the words in such a way that they project your motivation and confidence. Show your stability in terms of dedication.

Include a strong profile summary

Following your personal details and the objective, you need to include a section that summarizes your profile, highlighting the most significant points pertaining to your professional background. The technique is to bombard the reader with huge amount of your strengths, which will eventually decrease the visibility of the frequent employment changes in your career so far. Pick about 4-6 most significant points pertaining to your profile and include them in your profile summary. Also remember to cut down on your previous job descriptions as you are writing the profile summary. In case you wish to specify your job descriptions, then you need not include the profile summary.

See below for a free sample of a copy writing resume for a frequent job changer:

Frequent Job Changer (Copywriter) Resume Sample

Richard V. Torres
2963 Echo Lane
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(269) 759-7368

Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity in copywriting, to facilitate the optimum utilization of marketing skills, coupled with creative writing, and deliver unadulterated innovation in the form of words that are bound to serve their purpose.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 4 years experience in writing
  • Developed scripts and slogans for products by leading market brands such as Rockport, Ecco, Hush Puppies, Hertz, Apple, Eidos, Procter & Gamble, Gap, UPS, Sears, Aetna etc
  • Coordinated in the production phase (illustration, label designing and printing, photography etc)
  • Specialization in lifestyle products
  • Freelance Product Reviewer
  • Self-taught literature practitioner, photographer, and animator

Key Skills:

  • Expert in copywriting, product reviews (games, books, movies, applications, music)
  • Highly self-motivated, art-centered
  • Highly creative, out-of-the-box concepts
  • Strong command over English, Old English, and Latin
  • Good exposure to reworking and editing
  • Attention to detail

Employment History:

Employer: Cipher Red - Kentwood, MI
Designation: Copywriter
Apr 2011 till present

Employer: Coliedos - Rockford, MI
Designation: Technical Writer/Editor
Dec 2009 till Mar 2011

Employer: Webber Associates - Rockford, MI
Designation: Content Writer (Independent)
Jan 2007 till Sep 2009

Employer: Gradiance corp - Dayton, OH
Designation: Marketing Executive
Nov 2005 till Sep 2006

Academic Qualification:

PG Diploma in Marketing Management
Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science
Ohio State University


Available upon request

Carefully study the layout and the nature of contents in the above sample of copywriting resume. Remember to customize its contents in order to personalize it. Browse through the website to find more resume and cover letter samples.

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