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Displaced Homemaker (Management) Resume

The resume of a displaced homemaker (management professional) must bear the essential elements of brevity, precision, clarity, and uniformity, so as to lay before the reader your career goals, interests, capabilities, and the significant information pertaining to your profile, in a highly efficient manner that would keep the reader interested in your profile by the time he's finished reviewing your application. The key is to keep the reader engaged in your application and the above parameters determine the degree of his involvement. All information contained in your resume should trace back to the employer's needs. Keep the resume goal centered, at the same time ensuring its compliance with the requirements put forth by the employer. It is in fact a great practice to contact the employer prior to drafting an application, for it will certainly provide you with a clearer picture as to what and how you need to present your profile to the employer.

Strive to keep the flow of the information regulated. The Key Skills section should feature the essential managerial skills that you possess. Pick the most significant and relevant ones and include them in your resume, highlighting them using bullets. While doing so, ensure that you restrict the use of long sentences. Don't forget to include your technical skills, if you have knowledge of any. Moving on to your employment history, you need to include about five to six points pertaining to your role in previous employment, only the most relevant ones. Again, use bullets to zoom in. If you wish to include the information of any achievements along your career path, then you may certainly do so; however, it must hold some relevance to the job profile that you are applying for.

Affix a well crafted cover letter along

May be you know, but a cover letter is an essential part of a job application, as recruiters generally read your cover letter, before they move on to review your resume. Therefore, it is mandatory that you write a strong covering letter, so as to gain the confidence of the reader, and direct his attention towards the second part of your application. Here's an opportunity to introduce the reader to your profile, write swiftly, strive to keep the information enhanced. Stay brief; and do not summarize the resume. You are not to summarize the information that you provide in your resume. You need to fix the scope on the most significant points pertaining to your academic qualification and employment history, while also reflecting your willingness to contribute to the organization's advancement. That's the cause here. Show that you're capable of managing, that you're eager to deliver; do not trace the essence of the letter back to your personal interests.

Displaced Homemaker (Management) Resume Sample

Nicole J. Clark
1557 Peck Court
El Toro, CA 92630
(949) 461-3224

Career Objective:

Relocated to California of late, homemaker with marketing as the professional background and interest, seeking an opportunity to implement innovative theories of product promotion, with an aim to acquire prominence for the company and move closer to the core of marketing management.

Key Skills:

  • Sound understanding and conceptualization of abstract situations and complexities
  • Bear a true disposition, unlike the most common diplomatic behavior
  • Expert in the development, interpretation, and analysis of statistical data
  • Adequate knowledge of budget forecasting and planning
  • Drive to redefine the "ethics" in marketing
  • Highly creative approach in the practical application of existing marketing strategies and techniques
  • Proficient in the use of computers and corresponding applications

Work History:

Employer: Venture Corp, Anaheim, CA
Designation: Asst. Manager - Marketing
Duration: 18 months
Mar 2008 till Aug 2019

Job Description:

  • Coordinate the management of the marketing team, including advertising and promotional staffs
  • Execute research in order to determine the consumer demands and competition within the target market
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of various marketing plans and strategies
  • Marketing budget management, report maintenance
  • Attend corporate meetings and conduct product presentations for international clients

Employer: Accrue Page, Los Angeles, CA
Designation: Marketing Supervisor
Duration: 31 months
Jul 2005 till Feb 2008

Job Description:

  • Supervise and monitor the performance of the marketing team
  • Evaluate their performance during appraisals and recommend training programs when necessary
  • Establish and maintain business relationships with potential clients
  • Organize product workshops and actively participate in teleconferences and promotional events
  • Coordinate with the sales department to monitor the performance of the product in the market


P.G Diploma in Marketing Management, 2005
Stanford University
Placed in grade A

Bachelor Of Mass Media, 2003
Pepperdine University
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

The above sample of displaced homemaker's resume for management shows a clear picture of the candidate's profile. Customize its contents and personalize a little to give rise to the perfect resume that is sure to earn you the opportunity of an interview.
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