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Career Changer (Publishing) Resume

A publishing resume during a career change should be crafted efficiently, considering your strong interest in the field of publishing and other significant points pertaining to your profile that support the employer's needs. Anybody with basic knowledge of publishing can easily make it to the profession; all it requires is that you advertise your profile effectively. And your resume, here, is your marketing tool. So, before you start writing your application, it is highly recommended that you contact your employer and discuss his needs. This will give you a clear idea as to what information you need to present in your resume. Once you have noted down all essential points, organize your thoughts and pick the most appropriate information relevant to the job profile you are applying for, in accordance with the needs of the employer.

As an aspiring publishing professional, you need to show your familiarity with the processes involved. Not much; a basic understanding of the subject is what that matters. You will be responsible for the quality of the content and the style of publication. Include a strong career objective that reflects your confidence and interest in the publishing sector. Do take efforts to make your objective as clear as possible, so as to gain the confidence of the reader/recruiter with utmost convenience.

Essential tips to write a publishing resume

  • Include five or six key skills, highlighting your strengths and avoiding the most common ones
  • Keep all information brief and to the point
  • Choose to leave out your mundane achievements, they don't add much to the desirability of your application
  • Use bullets for highlighting
  • Skip the job descriptions; instead, include a profile summary that explains your qualification and capabilities. However, but be as specific as you can while doing so. Direct your professional qualification to your employer's needs.
  • It's a good idea to use sample resume templates, which are available in plenty on the internet
  • Include the contact details of at least 2 professionals you have been working with as your references; however, do note that this section is employer specific.

Sample Publishing Resume (for career change)

Sung W. Mitchell
530 Saint James Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 523-9253

Career Objective: Seeking the opportunity of a Publishing Editor to implement the skills in showcase and bring about a desirable change in the publication system of the organization, characterized by simplicity and productivity.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 6 years of total work experience in writing/editing
  • Over 2 years experience in copy writing
  • Working as an editor for X.Y.L.O. In the e-News department since the past 14 months
  • Coordinated the recruitment of copy writers, freelance journalists, and content writers
  • Coordinated in the process of copyrighting and distribution of literature content

Key Skills:

  • Highly proficient in writing, quality check, proofreading, editing, and uploading prepared content
  • Expert in written and verbal communication
  • Extensive knowledge in market research and competitor analysis, risk management, inventory control
  • Highly creative explorer of different dimensions
  • Adequate knowledge of accounting and budgeting

Professional Qualification:

Employer: X.Y.L.O. - Harrisburg, PA
Designation: Editor
Dec 2010 till present

Employer: Cap Dojam - Lancaster, PA
Designation: Copy Writer/Editor
Mar 2008 till Jul 2010

Employer: Walk with Words - Baltimore, Maryland
Designation: Marketing Executive
Oct 2004 till Dec 2007

Academic Qualification:

PG Diploma in Mass Media, 2008
Sunbury State University
Placed in Grade A

Bachelor of Business Management, 2004
University of Pennsylvania
Placed in Grade A


Employer: X.Y.L.O.
Contact: Mr. Lars Cooper
Designation: Editing Head

Employer: Cap Dojam
Contact: Ms. Cheryl Glyde
Designation: Content Manager
Phone: (717) 517-9651

Carefully observe the layout of a standard resume shown above. Note that it is only a sample that is to be used as a point of reference; copy-pasting the entire contents of the above sample is likely to disinterest the reader. Observe the nature of communication here - it's got a formal tone, but it still looks personalized. Take the essential elements out of it and customize your resume, so that your application holds more relevance and specificity.

Once you have your resume prepared, compliment it by carefully constructing a cover letter that puts forth your career interests and goals in adequate elaboration. We have also provided several free samples of cover letters for your reference. Browse through the website for more resume samples.

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