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Career Changer (International Business) Resume

A resume for career change to international business management should comprise of information that evidently reflects the candidate's skills and knowledge in the management and administration of international business trades, contracts, agreements, and consignments. You need to show your proficiency in the management of cross border transactions involving goods, economic resources, services, or even human resources. This change in career path may seem as an outcast or critical; however, self-doubt is the culprit here. There are millions of candidates worldwide who aren't doing what they initially thought they would be doing in terms of profession. All you need to show is that you possess adequate knowledge and skills that meet the expectation of the employer.

Your resume should start with your contact details, following which you need to include a healthy objective. The career objective acts as a source for expressing your vision, aspiration, and goals, while ensuring that the information that you project should be in conjunction with the employer's needs. Framing the objective is only difficult when you don't know what the recruiter wishes to see. It is indeed a good practice to contact the employer and discuss his needs prior to drafting your application, as it will provide you with a clearer picture as to what you need to present in your resume and how. Besides, the objective acts as an official title to your resume, outlining your profile and drawing the attention of the reader. Immediately following your objective include a section dedicated to showcasing your strengths, a profile summary, including information pertaining to the activities that you have been involved in along your career path. Include 4-8 points, using bullets for highlighting and better visibility; pick only those that possess somewhat significance, when compared to the specifications of the job profile that you are seeking. Similarly, include a section that will focus on your proficiency in various sub-sectors of business management such as sales expansion, taxation, operations, risk management, investments, contract management, licensing, import-exports etc.

Since you are changing your career, including a profile summary instead of your previous job descriptions, while stating your employment history, will certainly enhance its appeal as the layout shows traces of personalization. So, your work history will contain only the fundamental details such as the name and location of the employer and your designation and duration within the company. Follow a reverse chronology while arranging all date-related facts in your resume, so as to feature the most recent information on top. Education need not be elaborated. If you wish to include the information of any rewards that you have earned so far, then you mention that in a separate section dedicated to your "accomplishments" or you may add the details in the profile history, provided that the information is somewhat relevant to your current profile. References are to be provided only if the employer specifies.

Given below is a free sample of a resume (international business management) for career change, for your reference. Study the layout carefully, and understand the tone of delivery and the nature of its contents. Spend some time customizing it properly, so as to avoid preparing a generic resume.

Tyler E. Houghton
4478 Viking Drive
Chillicothe, OH 45601
(740) 772-1769


Seeking a suitable change from the current profession of financial management to the realm of international business, and contribute to further building the legal and political system, while implementing essential knowledge pertaining to direct investment strategies in foreign exchange market; an aim to share the vision of the company and advance with its growth.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 6 years of total experience in business management, 3 years as an Asst. Business Development Manager
  • Coordinated the planning and implementation of economic policies, considering physical, political, and societal factors
  • Involved in the development and regulation of employee standards with an aim to improve their performance and the quality of outcomes
  • Coordinated payroll and taxation policies and procedures, experienced in auditing procedure and budget forecasting
  • Moderate degree of involvement in the management of international contracts and the development of compliance protocols for international trade agreements
  • Coordinated corporate conferences, client teleconferences, and product workshops

Key Skills:

  • Excellent understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, financial management, and supply chain management
  • Great exposure to pricing, accounting, recruitment, operations, and banking and insurance
  • Sound knowledge of global manufacturing, licensing, franchising, and foreign trade
  • Good understanding of portfolio investments and control mechanisms
  • Highly proficient in interdepartmental communication, effective in team management
  • Expert in market targeting, segmentation, expansion, and competitor analysis

Employment History:

Asst. Business Development ManagerApr 2008 till present
Employer: Mission G - Kingston, OH

Business Development ExecutiveNov 2005 till Feb 2008
Employer: JasmineSola - Richmond, VA

Sr. Marketing ExecutiveJan 2001 till Jun 2005
Employer: Idea Infinity - Norfolf, VA


Masters in Business Management2005
Norfolk State University - Norfolk, VA
Placed in grade A

Bachelor of Business Administration2000
Virginia Wesleyan College - Norfolk, VA


Available upon request

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