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Career Changer (Education) Resume

A resume for a career change to the education profession should start with a strong career objective that must clearly put forth your interests and aspirations, mentioning that you are considering a favorable deviation from your current profession. It should be written in an organized manner, which will highlight your expertise in the respective module(s) of interest. In general, academic institutions hire candidates based upon their expertise in the given subject; however, most of them do require you to be adequately qualified to become a teacher/professor. The first two or three sections following your personal details play the most crucial role in gaining the attention of the reader. All other information pertaining to your work and academic history only require highlighting with bullets.

Essential tips to write a professional resume for the field of academics:

  • Choose the format/layout of a combination resume (chrono-functional), as it helps to enhance your resume by highlighting your skills and abilities along with significant points pertaining to your work experience.
  • Include 5-6 key skills that you possess, which have close relevance to teaching, as a profession, following your career objective
  • Remember, the recruiter is seeking an answer to his employer's question as to 'What does the candidate have to offer?'
  • Be brief, avoid long sentences
  • Cut down on mundane information such as commonplace achievements, skills, and general job responsibilities; instead include a profile summary where you can state the most significant points pertaining to your profile
  • If you are seeking an opportunity to teach IT-related modules, do state your familiarity with various software, hardware, and relevant tools and applications
  • Referring to resume templates and samples will certainly make your task easier
Include an effective cover letter

A resume complimented by an introductory cover letter makes your job application. Know that the recruiters read your cover letter before they move on to your resume. Your cover letter acts as an official introduction to your application. If you are looking for a career change, you need to draft your cover letter optimally, so that you succeed in laying out the reason for such a change in profession, along with your career goals, interests, and aspirations. Focus on how you will satisfy the employer's needs rather than providing a summary for your profile; the resume will do all the job of explaining your profile. However, you do need to provide a brief introduction and highlight the most significant points pertaining to your professional qualification. But restrict yourself to a short paragraph only.

Given below is a sample of a resume for the profession of academics. Study the layout carefully and customize its contents, ensuring its accordance with your profile.

Sample Career Change Resume for Academic Professionals

Cathy C. Alvis
3608 Horseshoe Lane
Easton, PA 18042
(484) 373-9620

Career Objective:

Seeking the position of a Lecturer to optimally utilize the knowledge and mentoring skills acquired, and help in the development of aspiring minds, while working together towards the advancement of your institution, internally as well as nationwide.

Profile Summary:

  • Over 8 years of experience in core marketing
  • Worked as a Training Professional (for the employees within the organization) for a period of 10 months as per the employer's interests
  • Have been Involved in several corporate presentations as part of the job description
  • Traveled to few countries in Europe for various management workshops

Key Skills:

  • Deep knowledge of essential marketing strategies and principles
  • Excellent exposure to market research, competitor analysis, market segmentation, and expansion planning
  • Highly proficient in verbal and written communication - English, German, Spanish, Arabic
  • Expert in training and mentoring
  • Strong memory and attention to minute details

Professional Experience:

Employer: GradeRay Inc, Philipsburg, PA
Designation: Marketing Manager - Research and Development
Aug 2010 till present

Employer: Axis Platoon Industries, Bloomsbury, PA
Designation: Acting Marketing Manager
Mar 2009 till Jul 2010

Employer: Indus Xylo Corp, London, UK
Designation: Asst. Manager - Marketing and Promotions
Mar 2006 till Dec 2008

Employer: Indus Xylo Corp, Greenwich, PA
Designation: Sr. Associate - Marketing
Nov 2003 till Oct 2005

Academic Qualification:

Master of Marketing Management
Greenwich State University
Placed in Grade A

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)
Easton College of Arts and Commerce
Placed in Grade A


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