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Career Changer (Computer Programming) Resume

Changing or shifting to computer programming from the existing career line only seems difficult. With the help of an effectively written career changer resume for computer programming, you can put forth your interests and intentions with convenience and gain the confidence of your employer. All you need to do is show your motivation to become a part of the IT industry. You aspire to become a computer programmer; so, show the aspiration. Use words as your tool to express your interests and convince the reader to provide you with the opportunity of an interview. This, you have to do via the career objective.

A general fact about the recruitment in IT industry

It is quite common amongst the IT industry to hire candidates who do not possess a core IT background. A possible reason for this might be that IT is very easy to get accustomed to if one has the gist to learn, plus the need for IT employees never diminish. You might be surprised to know that candidates from the field of medicine have also become computer programmers; all that is required is convincing. You need to convince your employer that you will be a valuable resource to the company. It's what the professionals call "advertising oneself". So, as long as you put forth your interests in a fruitful manner, you have a good chance of getting recruited as a computer programmer.

Contents of a computer programmer resume

Your resume should start with your personal details, including your contact information, followed by a strong career objective that reflects your drive to become an IT professional, in this case a computer programmer. Then comes your skills and abilities. Here, your technical skills play a major part, so don't miss out any significant points; mention your familiarity with hardware as well as software and scripting/programming languages, using bullets to facilitate highlighting. This becomes the introductory part of your resume as it provides a brief outline of your interests and capabilities. The quality of the information projected in the objective and the key skills section will determine the reader's involvement in your application.

Then follows your work history, achievements, academic qualification, and references. Utilization of bullets here plays a major part in bringing into light the significant points pertaining to your professional qualification. Do remember that an employer is concerned with what you have to offer to him as a potential candidate, as a potential resource for the organization. Read through the career changer (computer programming) resume sample that we have provided below, for your reference. Note that you are to include references only if the employer has specified; however, even if you have not been asked to mention any references, include the section and simply state "Available upon request".

Sample computer programming resume

Andrew J. Myers
3713 Cinnamon Lane
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 827-7172

Career Objective:

Aspiring IT professional longing for a change in career, seeking an opportunity in computer programming, aimed at delivering optimum performance, while assimilating priceless knowledge pertaining to IT, in research as well as development.

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of Function overloading, memory management, string management
  • Good exposure to object-oriented, generic, event-driven, post-object, and concurrent programming
  • Highly motivated tech savvy
  • Expert in time management
  • Highly proficient in verbal and written communication

Technical Skills:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, IBM Mainframe, AROS
  • Programming languages: Java, Ada, C, C++, Perl, J2ME, VB
  • Software: COBOL II, Fortran, Dreamweaver, Pascal, Power-Builder,

Professional Experience:

Employer: Sputnik Corp, Austin, TX
Designation: Sr. Technical Writer
Mar 2009 till Dec 2011

Job Description:

  • Organize technical materials and write assignments (brochures, product manuals, software descriptions)
  • Edit and standardize existing materials by other writers within the organization
  • Select photographs, sketches, and drawings to facilitate the illustration of a given product or material
  • Review manufacturer's service catalogs
  • Draw charts and sketches to illustrate assembly sequence

Employer: Wheel OCX, Kirby, TX
Designation: Services Support Engineer (Intern)
Feb 2008 till Jan 2009

Job Description:

  • Contact existing potential clients and discuss the technical issues faced with the services rendered
  • Provide suitable resolutions for the issues, if not escalate the matter to a senior personnel
  • Perform/assist in the revision of existing programs to expand/increase its efficiency
  • Collaborate with allied manufacturers to ensure the smooth functioning of internal IT infrastructure (as per the agreement with the employer)
  • Coordinate the testing of various applications

Academic Experience:

Sun Certified Java Programmer2010
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering2007


Available upon request

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