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Career Changer (Advertising) Resume

If you are deviating from your current profession, looking for a desirable change in terms of career, then you will need to draft an effective career changer (advertising) resume that will provide adequate information about your previous work experiences, including an objective which clearly states that you wish to take a new direction. Do not forget to include a complimenting cover letter that explains as to why you are willing to adopt a shift in your career. A brisk and glass-clear objective is sure to gain the attention of the readers/recruiters, and the information that follows must be thoroughly organized in order to maintain the flow of your resume. The objective is to keep them engaged till the end and gain their confidence as they finish reading your application.

What should I include in my resume?

Your resume should start with your contact details, followed by a healthy career objective, where you need to state your career goals and interests; but you need to make sure that you keep the employer's needs into consideration while doing so. Preparing a generic resume is pretty easy and does not consume much time; however, such resumes are most likely to join the rest that go into the paper shredder. What follows next is a section where you must highlight your key skills and abilities, technical as well as transferable. These three sections make the first part of your resume and the quality of the information projected in these sections determine the level of the reader's involvement in your application. You may also choose to include a profile summary before stating your key skills; this will provide a brief outline of your profile, thus adding to the reader's clarity.

The second part of your resume brings into light your work history, accomplishments (if any), and academic qualification. Brevity and precision should be the prime characteristics of the information that you include in these sections. Include only the significant points pertaining to your career so far but relevant to advertising, while choosing to leave out the mundane facts, as they don't contribute much to the value of your resume/profile. All information should be included in reverse chronological order, with the the most recent facts preceding the older information. If you have earned any awards or rewards during your previous/current employment, then you are most welcome to include them as your accomplishments. Note that you can also include any additional responsibilities (non-mundane) that you have successfully executed over the period. Finally, state your academic qualification, including the information of any trainings or certification courses that you have undergone. Many employer specifically ask for references; in this case, you need to provide the contact details of at least two individuals pertaining to your profession or academics (if you don't have any work experience). Even if the employer has not specified, include a references sections, but mention something like "Available upon request".

Given below is a career changer (advertising) resume sample for your reference:

Sample Advertising Resume for Career Changer

Serena L. Crimson
2112 Glenwood Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44137
(216) 384-5637

Career Objective:

Aspiring advertising professional seeking a career shift from general marketing to core advertising, aiming to bring in desirable innovations that would help potter the company's promotional strategies to perfection.

Key Skills:

  • Highly efficient advertising principles and techniques characterized by creativity and originality
  • In depth knowledge of various marketing strategies and principles
  • Adequate knowledge of copy-writing
  • Proficient in budget management
  • Advanced implementation of cost-reduction techniques
  • Expert in interpersonal communication

Professional Experience:

Employer: Photon Inc, Cleveland, OH
Designation: Sr. Associate - Marketing and Market Research
Sep 2010 till present

Job Description:

  • Coordinate the implementation of marketing theories and principles in field-work
  • Maintain a database of client requirements
  • Participate in promotional workshops and product presentations
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Develop and maintain business relationships via web and teleconferences

Employer: Centrum V5, Raymond, OH
Designation: Marketing Executive
Feb 2009 till Jul 2010

Job Description:

  • Contact potential clients and discuss their needs to suggest suitable marketing solutions
  • Maintain client database
  • Participate in field-work involving customer-to-customer sales
  • Copy-writing and preparation of promotional leaflets and brochures
  • Provide support to clients for the services rendered

Academic Experience:

Bachelor of Science
Phinolex Institute of Science and Technology
Completed in 2007

PG Diploma in Marketing Management
Ohio State University
Completed in 2008


Available upon request

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