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At Home Mom Reentering The Work Force (Nursing) Resume

If you are a mom at home, reentering the work force (nursing), then your resume should start with a career objective that clearly states that you've been a homemaker for a while and now wish to resume the course of employment in the profession of nursing. The objective must contain one or two sentences mentioning your scenario, while expressing your career related interests and goals, which is directly in accordance with the job specifications that you are currently applying for. Your job application is the official mode of communication between you and the recruiter, so frame it well. Strive to market your abilities effectively. Also, you need to mention the activities that you may have been involved while you were off work, in your cover letter, thus completing the application.

Following the objective, include a section for showcasing your core competencies, a section that lays down your strengths and knowledge for the reader/recruiter to take in. Jot down all the points that you can think of, and pick the most significant ones. Include about 5-6 points, using bullets for extra focus. Frame only short sentences, be as brief as you can, but ensure that you do not miss out on essential information. This section, together with your objective does the job of claiming the reader's attention. Now, all you have to do is to keep him clinging onto your application till he finishes reading.

Next comes your employment history, where you need to include the fundamental details pertaining to your previous employment, such as the employer's name and location, your designation within the company, and the duration of employment (dated). Besides these details, also include about 4-6 points per employment, describing in brief your role as a nurse in all previous medical facilities. Do not forget to include the details of your internships, for they do count as a significant experience. Even here, you need to exclude the mundane/general responsibilities recruiters are usually aware of. Keep your resume short, shed the mundane stuff, and tailor the application to provide an easy and worthwhile read.

Then follows your educational details, no need for elaboration here; Simply include the essential details such as the name of your degree or diploma and the medical school/college, along with the year of completion and the grades that you obtained. Remember that throughout the resume, all information should be arranged in a reverse chronological order, so as to highlight the most recent ones on top. If you wish to include the details of any honors, awards, or rewards that you have earned so far, then now is the chance. Include a separate section to state your "accomplishments". Given below is a free sample of a nursing resume for a homemaker mom reentering the work force after having taken a long break from employment.

Karen J. Miller
4223 McDonald Avenue
Orlando, FL 32805
(407) 913-0174


Registered Nurse and homemaker seeks an opportunity to reenter the the field of nursing, after having taken a break from employment as a result of becoming a mother; to serve for the welfare of the society, and be an active part in the medicinal evolution.

Core Competencies:

  • Self-contended, highly motivated, with over 6 years of continuous experience in health care and nursing
  • Good understanding of one's physical, psychological, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs
  • Extensive knowledge of diagnostic procedures (except the most recent innovations), nursing principles, and clinical support
  • Familiar with the operation of fundamental surgical, medical, and lab equipment
  • Unidirectional focus towards the optimization of health and prevention of illnesses
  • Experienced in the treatment and care of communicable diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, pulmonary disorders, and diabetes

Professional Experience:

Florida Hospital - Orlando, FL
Ward Nurse
Mar 2002 till Aug 2006

  • Provide high quality health care and support for adult patients, and monitor their recovery during treatment, with strict adherence to the established health and quality standards
  • Responsible for the setup and organization of the patients' wards prior to admission, ensure the presence of essential amenities and necessary medical equipment
  • Performed IV placement procedures, assisted in patient diagnosis, and administer the medications to determine the efficiency of the treatment
  • Prepare patients for treatments, ensure that the patients' nutritional requirements are met
  • Participated in medical research related to nursing and health care

Orlando Regional Medical Center - Orlando, FL
Nursing Practitioner (Internship)
Mar 2000 till Feb 2002

  • Performed the role of a lab assistant and assisted in few lab operations involving applied research
  • Coordinate the preparation of operation rooms and ensure that all instruments present are sterilized
  • Assist the physicians during medical treatments, administer the quantity of anesthetics used
  • Coordinated treatments involving ECG and blood transfusion
  • Coordinate infection control campaigns, attend internal medical seminars and discussion sessions


BS in Nursing1999
Orlando Medical Academy
Placed in grade A

Enrolled for study program in advanced nursing practice, in the University of Phoenix


Available upon request

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