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At-Home Dad Reentering The Work Force (Sales) Resume

You are an at-home dad re-entering the work force in the sales sector, having taken a break from your employment because you happened to become a father and needed to spend some time with your family, and now you wish to resume with your employment within the sales sector. In this case, you need to specify the reason for the gap in your employment in your cover letter, which will complement your resume, in your job application. You need to specify the same in your career objective, but be as brief as possible. Include a short phrase like 'resuming employment after having become a father recently,' to let the reader know as to why you have a gap in your employment history.

Re-entering a professional sector after a considerable amount of time gives a reason for your application to lose some of its appeal. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to organize your thoughts, pertaining to your professional background in a systematic manner, so as to facilitate a smooth flow of information. Most importantly, your resume should be accompanied by a well crafted cover letter that clearly explains the reason for any employment gaps.

Significance of a career objective in your sales resume

Your career objective plays a significant role in engaging your reader in your application. It serves as an introductory title for your profile, consisting of 1 or 2 sentences (ideally 1) pertaining to your career interests and goals. It helps the reader form an outline of your professional interests in his/her mind. Your career objective describes the purpose of your application in a brief and efficient manner.

Professional Experience

While including a Work Experience section in your sales resume, you need to organize the information pertaining to your professional history in a productive manner, highlighting the significant points pertaining to your previous work experience. While doing so, remember to arrange the contents in a reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent employment and moving down to the older ones. You need to include only the information of your involvement in those activities, which are relevant to the job profile and the needs of the employer.

You need to include the following information in your Professional Experience section:

  • Name and location of the employer
  • Your designation within the company
  • Duration of your employment
  • Job description (5-6 points only)
Given below is a free sample of a sales resume for candidates who are resuming the work force, after a considerable amount of time. Closely observe its layout to give you a clear idea as to how you need to present your career interests and capabilities.

Sample Sales Resume (for an at-home dad re-entering the work force)

Personal Details
Delores Z. Allison
681 County Line Road
Countryside, FL 34619
(727) 791-0038

Career Objective

A sales professional with over 5 years of experience, resuming employment after having become a father recently, seeking an opportunity to bring in innovative ideas and strategies to maximize the sales of your organization, thereby becoming more efficient in the management of the sales processes.

Key Skills

  • Deep knowledge of budgeting and budget forecasting
  • 3 years of experience in field-work management
  • Highly skilled for schedule and time management
  • Efficient in statistical data analysis and interpretation
  • Sound understanding in market and competitor analysis
  • Highly efficient in market research and segmentation
Work Experience

Employer: Saudela Parade
Designation: Asst. Sales Manager
Duration: Sep 2009 till Jul 2011

Job Description:

  • Supervise and monitor the performance of the sales force, ensuring their productivity
  • Assign different territories for the sales team and document their progress and performance
  • Participate in client conferences and workshops for product demonstration and discussion
  • Suggest necessary training programs for the development of the sales professionals
  • Establishing and maintaining business relationships with distributors, clients, and customers
  • Ensure the achievement of weekly and monthly sales targets

Employer: Fougar Tech HiFi
Designation: Sales Supervisor
Duration: Feb 2006 till Aug 2009

Job Description:

  • Oversee the activities of the sales force and monitor their performance regularly
  • Constantly direct and motivate the sales team to achieve the set targets
  • Handle customer complaints and provide high quality customer service to ensure that their expectations are met
  • Ensure the sales team's adherence to quality and standards set by the organization
  • Recruiting new employees and arranging essential training programs for them
  • Participating in client teleconferences and committee meetings


Masters in Marketing Management (Part time)
Ocala Institute of Management Studies
Completed in 2008

Placed in Grade A after the final assessments
Bachelor of Commerce - Economic Studies
Jacksonville State University
Completed in 2005
Secured 68.56% in the final examination


Available upon request

The above example of the sales resume for a candidate with employment gaps will definitely guide you in preparing an effective resume for your application. Browse through the website for free resume samples and sample resume and cover letter templates for various job profiles.

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