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All Employment At One Company (Vice-President) Resume

Many applicants get promoted in their jobs because of their good work and conduct. When such applicants apply for a job in a different organization they have to prepare a resume that depicts their work and promotion trajectory in their previous company. Such type of resumes are called all employment at one company resumes and applicants who are applying for a vice president post must write an All Employment at One Company (Vice President) Resume for their job application.

Constructing an all employment at one company (vice president) resume properly is easy but there are certain rules that one must follow in order to create a proper official resume. Resumes don't provide a guarantee for recruitment but writing one properly definitely increases the chances of approval. Applicants can enhance their resume writing techniques by following certain rules and techniques.

The first thing that one needs to do is to take advantage of the resources available. One can gain a large amount of information on resume writing styles and techniques by doing some online browsing. Internet provides all the necessary assistance like a wide range of samples and all the possible tips and techniques that one needs for writing a resume for any given post.

Secondly the most important thing that one requires is a format or a layout style. Applicants must select a proper format from the samples available online in order to construct an all employment at one company resume. Applicants cannot attempt to write a resume without a format as it gives the resume its basic form and structure. Formatting makes the resume organized and schematic.

After selecting a format applicants can start writing the resume. The resume must not be addressed to anyone or the institution he/she is applying for. Applicants can start writing their resumes by writing the name of the applicant on top along with the address and contact details. Objective of writing the resume must also be mentioned. Applicants need to put a profile summary that explains his past career trajectory briefly in 2 to 3 sentences. Other points that applicants will have to provide are the skills and professional experience.

Applicants must highlight all the individual sections like skills, work experience and academics for the readers' convenience. It is better to write the skills and experiences in bulleted points as writing long sentences and paragraphs is just not acceptable in a resume. Applicants must try to keep the resume brief and should not provide any irrelevant details. The text of the resume should also be simple and officially presented. After the writing is complete, applicants will have to proof read the resume several times to get rid of the typo errors and grammatical mistakes. Below is a sample of All Employment at One Company Resume for the vice president post from which applying candidates can have an idea of the format and writing style of the resume.

Sample of All Employment at One Company (Vice President) Resume

Jake Andrews
5TH Allenton Road, Sporangia Estate
Miami, Florida (544 5554)
Email Address:
Telephone number: 3456 2222

Career Objective: Looking for a challenging position of a Vice President in a reputed firm where my expertise and skills will help in the proper working and running of the organization.

Profile Summary: Presently working as a president of a leading Software company with whom I have been associated for a period of 8 years. Possess excellent administration management skills along with worker management and communication skills.

Skills and expertise:

  • Highly experienced with a professional experience of 8 years
  • Possess excellent administrative and decision making skills
  • Expertise in handling and addressing the work force
  • Expertise in solving various types of administrative problems
  • Setting of all employee issues
  • Proficiency in communicating with external bodies
  • Expert presentation and communication skills

Professional History:

Organization: Cyclopes Software Pvt. Ltd.
Post: Vice President (administrative)
Duration: December 2006 to Now

  • Decision making and approving of plans and programs
  • Taking care of various employee issues
  • Communication and dealing with external bodies like financiers and clients
  • Report collection for subsidiaries and analysis of situations

Post: January 2004 to December 2006
Post: Control Manager

  • Analysis of reports from various sectors of the company
  • Looking after production and supply statistics and report making
  • Communicating with higher authorities
  • Looking after recruitment procedures
  • Team performance monitoring


  • Masters in Business Administration from New York University
  • Graduation in Finance and Commerce from Miami University

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information provided is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the tips and sample of All Employment at One Company (Vice President) Resume will surely help applicants in creating better resumes that will help them applying for the post.

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