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All Employment At One Company (Administrator) Resume

A resumes plays an important role in a job application process. There are different types of resumes written for different types of post. An All Employment at One Company (Administrator) Resume is a type of resume in which the applicant mentions his progress and change of posts in a single company, in the work history section.

Many applicants earn a promotion for their good work in a firm. Promotion to a higher designation brings a change in duties and assignment and sometimes alters the entire job profile itself. When applicants of such kind switch to a new company they need to make a resume which is different from other resumes by design. They have to mention about the series of promotions they were given in the previous company so that the recruiter is made aware of the applicant's steady progress.

Applicants who are in a dilemma and don't know how to construct a resume of such kind must know the rules and techniques involved in framing one. Below are some basic rules that one must follow while writing a resume of such type.

Tips for writing a All Employment at One Company Resume

  • Every resume possesses a format style. A format gives the resume its basic structure depending on which the resume is to be constructed. Applicants should therefore lookout for a proper resume style that will help them in writing an All Employment at One Company (Administrator) Resume. Applicants can probably do some online browsing a look for a format that serves the purpose.

  • After selecting a proper format applicants must start framing the resume. While writing the resume applicants should always keep in mind that the resume is written in official or formal tone. A resume is an official document and therefore it should possess an official and professional outlook.

  • Writing the resume briefly and to the point increases the chances of approval. The recruiter won't appreciate a resume that looks like a story. Applicants must therefore write in brief and provide only those details that will be helpful for the new post.

  • Applicants must use simple words and phrases for writing a resume. The resume which an applicant sends to a firm will surely be read by someone for approving the applicant for further interview. Writing a resume in simple words helps in the proper reading and understanding of the resume by the employer.

  • Highlighting the skills and work history enables better readability and understanding of applicant's expertise and credentials by the recruiter.

  • After applicants are done with writing the resume they will have to proof read it several times. Proof reading enables elimination of typo errors that may happen while writing the resume.

Below is a sample All Employment at One Company (Administrator) Resume that will help applicants in creating resumes that will be advantageous for their job applications.

Sample All Employment at One Company (Administrator) Resume

Jonathan Kroger
19th Alex Avenue, Metropolis
Bronx, North Dakota (5455 4533)
Contact number: 3451 2222

Career Objective: Looking for a challenging position of Administrator in a computer software firm where I can use my skills and expertise for the benefit of the company and for my own professional growth.

Career Summary: Prior experience in a reputed software development company for a period of 11 years in several positions. Possess excellent expertise and knowledge in the field of software and computer applications.

Summary of skills and expertise:

  • Highly experienced with a professional exposure of 11 years
  • Proficiency in handling work and programs at administrative levels
  • Proficiency in handling teams directing work
  • Proficiency in understanding the working capacity of human resource and assigning work so as to gain maximum output
  • Proficiency in developing and executing programs and projects
  • Sound decision maker
  • Maintaining good relations and effective communication with clients
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Expertise in handling a large volume of computer software and applications

Professional Experience:

Company: Matrix Software Pvt. Inc.

  1. Designation: Junior Software Engineer
    Duration: June 2000 to March 2004

    • Appointed for the development of software applications
    • Handled projects under Java
    • Designing and developing software for clients

  2. Designation: Senior Software Engineer
    Duration: March 2004 to September 2007

    • Designing Software for clients
    • Testing and modifying new and old software and applications
    • Monitory work performed in the development of software
    • Delivering presentations and addressing the clients
    • Communicating with the clients

  3. Designation: Administrator
    Duration: September 2007 to September 2011

    • Performed monitory work for the working of the whole software development department
    • Assigning work and projects to various teams
    • Monitoring and analysis of finished product before delivery to clients
    • Tracking the work of each individual and team
    • Interacting with the clients and maintaining good relations with them


  • Accomplished Masters in Computer Applications New York University
  • Did graduation in Computer Science from Austin University

Declaration: The above provided information is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The above provided sample consists of fictional details. Applicants can choose them accordingly as per their requirement. We hope that the samples and tips on how to write a All Employment at One Company (Administrator) Resume will go a long way in providing the right assistance to applicants in framing their resumes.

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