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Volunteer Recruiter Resume

A good resume is one that is professional and relevant to the job. It is necessary to know the etiquette of resume writing to get the desired result. Every point should be correct, and the presentation should be professional. This means that the resume should be free from false content, grammatical, and spelling errors. It should be a true reflection of the skills and job responsibilities that the job demands. This volunteer recruiter resume has come up with the guidelines of preparing a great and appealing resume. It provides certain advice and guidelines especially in the outline, structure and content. The goal of this resume is to enable job seekers in coming up with a perfect resume.

A volunteer recruiter is a management service professional who provides support in managing organization events and programs. The goal of a volunteer recruiter is to ensure that the events are covered in the most organized and efficient manner by the volunteers. One can work as a volunteer recruiter in business and organizations that require large volunteers for smooth operation of the service.

The day to day responsibilities of a volunteer manager include interviewing and recruiting volunteers, providing work flow training, preparing and planning work schedules, providing management guidelines on upcoming events, preparing and maintaining details of volunteers in the database, planning reward and achievement prizes for volunteers for special achievement, assisting the organization staff in conferences and meetings, monitoring and tracking the activities of individual volunteers, terminating inefficient volunteers, preparing management reports, organizing volunteer meets to update work procedures of upcoming events, and filling tasks schedule.

A volunteer recruiter requires knowledge of recruitment, planning and organizing events, management, and event management. The job demands strong leadership, strategic thinking, good communication, and analytical skills. A diploma in high school is mandatory to obtain the position of a volunteer recruiter.

Sample Volunteer Recruiter Resume

Solomon Wilson
East Rd Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Cell: 123-778-1985

Career Objective:

Seeking a position as a volunteer manager with the aim of providing best management services in an organization that offers professional growth and development.

Professional Knowledge:

  • Hands on experience in handling volunteer coordinator activities and recruitment of volunteers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of organizing and managing events, both small and large events
  • Strong knowledge of event planning and program management
  • In-depth knowledge of recruitment process and planning training programs
  • Possess strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Self-driven, customer service oriented and has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Professional History:

Organization: Solne Group, Florida
Designation: Volunteer Recruiter
Tenure: September 2011 till date

  • Handle the responsibilities of recruiting new volunteers required for program and event management
  • Assigned the responsibilities of building and maintaining a good rapport with community and organization staff
  • Perform the tasks of planning reward and achievement prizes for volunteers for special achievement
  • Responsible for planning work schedukes of volunteers and monitor performance during the event
  • Assigned the tasks of coordinating the activities of the volunteers to manage the program in effective manner
  • Handle the responsibilities of monitoring and supervising the daily activities of volunteers

Organization: VBsn Group, Florida
Designation: Junior Recruiter
Tenure: October 2009 to August 2011

  • Performed responsibilities of assisting the program coordinator in screening of the svolunteers
  • Assigned the tasks of providing support to the staff in managing volunteers and in management of events
  • Handled the responsibilities of screening and recruitment of required volunteers
  • Responsible for orientation of new volunteers and in preparing management reports
  • Handle the responsibilities of coordinating in day to day management of volunteer in large events
  • Responsible for assisting leads and event management in organizing conferences and meetings
  • Handled all other job responsibilities of the position as required

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Diploma in High School
Florida High School, 2009

The advice to prepare a compelling and effective resume is to avoid use of inappropriate information. Recruiters are not interested in knowing each and every detail of the information covered. Remember, the scanning of the resume happens within a few seconds. It is the few seconds that decide whether your resume should be pushed to a job interview. Make someone to proofread your resume before submitting them to potential employers. This resume will just help you in grabbing a job interview.

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