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Red Cross Resume

Red Cross resume is written by such a person who wish to dedicate himself to humanitarian causes. Red Cross is an international society that was created to carry out humanitarian efforts in all parts of the world, thus looking after the health, welfare, food needs and medication needs of the people living in poverty, war struck zones, and calamity-stricken regions of the world. It has around 98 million volunteers across the world as of now and this number is steadily increasing owing to the fact that with time more and more people have realized the importance of such work. This realization has come about due to the growing discontent and disdain in the world that has, in turn, stimulated such humanitarian thoughts in some people leading them to believe in caring for others. These people believe, and rightfully indeed, that the ultimate salvation of the already distressed and torn apart world lies in caring for others and helping the needy with love and empathy. This is no common revelation for most of the human beings come under the category known as human beings just for the sake of it but they know nothing better than a mad carnivorous animal does; they are hell bent on caressing their false sense of self esteem to comfort at the first given chance with materialistic ways of the world.

The resume of a red cross volunteer will include his/ her previous experience in the field of social work. If the applicant is a fresher then he could always mention his skills and objective statement that effectively reflect his motivation and ability behind taking up this job. Following is a sample resume for guiding you through the format and structure of such a resume.

Red Cross Resume Sample

Kevin Francis
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To work with the Red Cross and serve those who are in need of my service, thus contributing my bit towards the humanitarian efforts of which the world is in so much need.

Profile Summary

  • 3 years of prior experience of social work with children and old people
  • Have worked with XYZ orphanage committed to taking care of boys
  • Worked with ABC old age home and took care of the elderly
  • Motivated and confident enough about handling such responsibilities competently enough

Skill Set

  • Equipped with empathy and a sense of responsibility towards the society
  • Skillful at breaking ice with kids and winning over their confidence easily
  • Good with old people and complete ability of helping them with medications, walks, and other everyday activities
  • Good time management skills for effective working
  • Can handle multi tasking with ease and confidence
  • Excellent at working along with different kinds of people and adapting to various kinds of conditions and places
  • Good computer skills and practical knowledge of internet

Work Experience

XYZ Orphanage, New York
Volunteer (2011 till Present)

  • Worked around kids, taking care of the small ones and keeping tab on the others regarding their home work, food and cleanliness
  • Organized picnics for the group and supervised them throughout the trip
  • Played with the small ones and fed them
  • Took care of their medical conditions and took them to the doctor for regular checkups

ABC Old Age Home, New York
Volunteer (2010-2011)

  • Took care of the people's health and ensured they took their medicines on time
  • Took them outdoors for walks
  • Ensured that the food was ready and served on time
  • Ensured cleanliness around the place and handed over linen and clothes to the laundry


  • Bachelors in Arts (Humanities), XYZ University, 2010
  • Terrence Jr. High School, New York


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a Red Cross resume is written. Take care of the format and structure of it. You cannot make it too long with irrelevant information; choose your content wisely. After you apply to your local Red Cross center, they will go through your resume and deeming by the information in it, decide upon calling you if they think you are suitable for the job at hand.

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