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Community Social Worker Resume

You need good guidelines to compose a structured and professional resume. A well-organized resume always holds the attention of the recruiter. This resume is a golden opportunity that you can use in writing an optimized resume. It will enable you to express your skills, job experience, and educational details in the most professional way. It is the short and precise resume that gains the job interview. This community social worker resume will help you to identify the ideal way of developing a complete resume. You can present yourself professionally in the most desirable manner by referring to the example. All the sections in the sample form an important part of any resume.

Social worker is the other name of a community service worker. Community service, rehabilitation and counseling centers are some of the work areas of community service workers. The role generally involves social and community activities.

The responsibilities of a community service worker include planning community development programs, investigating abuse reports, providing family counseling support, performing risks assessment, identifying community needs and developing plans to meet the requirements, providing community educational services, responding to emergency situations, providing health care plans and educational programs, conducting periodic review of orphan houses and health care centers, preparing budget required for providing community services, preparing community program reports, planning and implementing behavior management programs, preparing case history records, providing socio economic needs of the community, coordinating with government organization in areas of funding, organizing community welfare programs and many more.

Community service worker should have an associate's degree in human services. The role demands knowledge of community social and welfare programs, health and clinical intervention programs, and community development activities. It is required to have excellent communication, management, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Community Social Worker Resume

Joshua Smith
674 Northern Blvd, Brookville, New York
Cell: 143-778-1279

Career Profile

A responsible position as a community service worker, wherein my experience and interest in supporting community programs can make a positive contribution in community programs and activities

Skill Sets

  • In-depth knowledge of the theories, practices and procedures of community social work and activities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Child and Family Service Act and legislation procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of child protection theories, risk assessment, and case intervention theories
  • Familiar with psycho-social theories and practices and crisis management theories and practices
  • Excellent organization, communication, and analytical skills
  • Sound knowledge of social work practices and standards
  • Possess sound management and has the ability to work cooperatively with the staff

Work Experience

Organization: West Group, New York
Duration: January 2011 till date
Designation: Community Social Worker

  • Handle the tasks of undertaking counseling activities of the community in areas of health and social requirements
  • Responsible for conducting psychological investigations and handle abuse issues
  • Perform responsibilities of conducting family counseling activities and prepare necessary documents for legal proceeding
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing case history reports, conducting risks assessment, and provide specialized counseling
  • Handle responsibilities of planning and implementing corrective action plans to improve community social conditions
  • Perform the tasks of assessing the requirements of the community and organize workshops as required

Organization: Florence House, New York
Duration: May 2009 to March 2010
Designation: Social Worker

  • Handled responsibilities of conducting periodic review of orphan houses and health care centers under the guidelines of community leaders
  • Performed the tasks of gathering feedback from the community on social services provided in the community
  • Assigned responsibilities of gathering data of children in orphan houses to provide educational and health requirements
  • Responsible for coordinating with social organizations and other government organization to meet the funding requirements
  • Performed all other essential job related tasks as assigned by the senior staff

Educational Summary

Achieved bachelor's degree in Social Science
New York College in 2008


Will be pleased to provide upon request

This resume is a unique resume example. The good idea to start writing a resume is to gather the job requirement. The basic tips and strategies applied in this resume will really help you in the long run. Try to avoid common mistakes in your resume like spelling mistakes and the use of jargons. You can simplify your tasks of writing resume by getting complete knowledge from this resume. This resume is all about assisting you in writing a resume that gets an instant result. You are free to edit the sections as per your job requirement.

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