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Hotel Concierge Resume

Job of a Hotel Concierge -

A hotel concierge resume is sent to acquire the position of a gatekeeper at a hotel. A hotel concierge is a gatekeeper or doorkeeper at the hotel who holds a fundamental position in the hotel staff hierarchy. Though the main job of a hotel concierge is to keep the door and keep the hotel keys; he is involved in many more imperative tasks related to hotel guests. The guests in the hotel refer to the concierge, if they seek any information about the hotel. Though the concierge is not directly involved in the booking of the hotel rooms, his opinion or advice certainly stands some value with the guests.

To become a hotel concierge, one requires to be well acquainted with the travel and tourism business. He must have taken the necessary education related to the hospitality industry. A concierge should possess detailed knowledge of the locality he is working in, as he might have to answer related queries to the guests. He must be in good physical condition, because his job demands him to stand for prolonged hours. Any guest walking into the hotel first sees the hotel concierge. To greet them with a fresh face, a hotel concierge is supposed to wear a smile on his face always.

Often, a hotel concierge has to deal with a few guest demands and requests. The requests vary from calling a cab for the guest to helping someone for the reservations. At such times, he should be able to help them with the help of his local contacts. Thus, a hotel concierge's job is full of activities throughout the day, and he should be on his toes to achieve it successfully.

Hotel Concierge Resume

Luis L. Adams
3076 Saint Marys Avenue
Black River, NY 13612
Phone- 315-774-7952
Date- August 7, 2010

Subject- Application for the position of a hotel concierge

Career Objective:

Acquiring a position of a hotel concierge in a reputed hotel utilizing my previous experience and skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management from Amberton University, TX (2005)
  • High School Diploma (2000)

Key Skills:

  • Able to give all hotel related information in brief
  • Good in English and French language communication
  • Interpersonal and adapting skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Create strong relationship with service supplier as they provide services
  • Expert in creating database of customer
  • Capable of performing well during long working hours

Professional Experience:

Red Fort Hotel, New York
Hotel Concierge (2008 to present)

  • Provided information, advice, guidance and assistance of all hotel to patrons
  • Assisted customers requirement on timely manner
  • Given information of hotel services, entertainment, recreation facilities, and restaurants
  • Carried out various roles such as porter, commissioner for co-staff and valet parking attendant

The River Bay Hotel, Stanford
Hotel Concierge, (2005 - 2008)

  • Provided maximum level of service possible
  • Developed rapport with guests in order to understand their needs
  • Created strong relationships with service suppliers
  • Provided accurate and important information to consumers

With so many tasks to perform, a hotel concierge must be able to portray himself in an impressive manner in front of the recruiter. Hence, a hotel concierge resume should reflect all his capabilities in a descriptive way. This increases the chances of his selection, in the resume screening round. Moreover, attaching all necessary documents with the application is necessary.

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