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Astronomer Resume

Astronomer are also known as astrophysicists. They are solely responsible for researching about the stars and planets, the planetary system, the space navigation system, supervise materials and atmospheric dynamics, handle and maintain the work associated in the electrical and sub-atomic structures, etc. Therefore, they are completely in charge of observing, collecting, and researching astronomical data, handling the functions of the observatory stations, etc.

Resume Example

Leroy M. Slattery
1069 Clousson Road,
37th Blvd,
Omaha, NE - 68124
Contact no. : (402) 399-2410

Career Objective:

Aspire to attain a lead position as an Astronomer, in a well-renowned organization, where I can skillfully utilize my research, computer-assisted, and technical skills and abilities, in maximizing my experience in the field of specialized astronomy research.

Career Summary:

Exceptional astronomer and researcher, where I have handled the long and short astrophysicists presentations and conferences; researched on various astronomical topics; produced and wrote quality journals for Astronomical Society. Awarded for handling international scientific workshops.


  • Certification in Astronomical Research & Development from Stanford University, California,CA
  • Completed Post Graduation in Modern and Ancient Astronomy from Columbia State University, New York, NY, in March 2003 - Grade A
  • Completed Graduation in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Ohio State University, Ohio, OH, in 2001 - Grade A
  • Completed High School from Downtown Community High School, in 1998 with Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Capable of handling and solving complex and difficult mathematical problems
  • Skilled and competent in dealing with various kinds of sensitive research work
  • Ten years of experience in astronomy and astrophysics
  • Good hold over different languages for writing reports for the research done
  • Possess competent knowledge in handling the technical and analytical problems
  • Good command over verbal and communicational techniques

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Expert in dealing with different kinds of satellite communications and space flight mediums
  • Capable of handling varied kinds of Microsoft packages like MS-Access, MS-Excel and other MS-Office software packages
  • Trained and expert to work on different computer platforms like Windows XP/9x, Windows Vista, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • Proficient in solving different kinds of navigation problems, etc.
  • Trained to handle the observatory work, design, and maintained the technical instruments, supervise the radiation department, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Ohio Space Research Center
Designation: Astronomer
(2007 - till date)

Job responsibilities:

  • Documented and handled different kinds of research work carried out in the observatory and laboratory
  • Handled the technical information and maintained proper records about the data, instrument reading, etc.
  • Assisted the senior professors, and efficiently communicated with them to supervise the technical space instruments
  • Instructed and provided essential information to the technical staff and observing staff about instrument handling, improvements, etc.
  • Designed and handled various presentations and conferences for improving the safety of the staff members

Previous Employer: Columbia Space Research Center
Designation: Assistant Astronomer

Job responsibilities:

  • Monitored and reviewed various documents and research work associated with space navigation and its procedures
  • Looked after the technical work of the telescopic instruments, and other binary machinery for laboratory work
  • Conducted different seminars and work shops for guiding the students and newly appointed staff members
  • Assisted the staff members in solving the technical problems regarding satellites, air navigators, rockets, etc.
  • Handled various research work related to universe and different celestial phenomena

Achievements and Awards:

  • Time-honored awards for designing new techniques and methods for astronomical research
  • Won several awards for handling the complex navigation system and maintaining the satellite communication
  • Rewarded for researching about binary stars and their respective movements at workplace in Columbia Space Research Center
  • Winning Team member of the regional level rugby team, Columbia
  • Awarded with 'Best Employee Award' for improving the safety measures for the staff members, maintaining the Hubble telescope, etc., at workplace in Columbia Space Research Center

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Columbia and Ohio


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Leroy M. Slattery

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