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Sr. VP Sales Resume

A Sr. VP Sales resume/ sales manager resume resume is written by a person who is good at selling anything to the people. The phrase 'selling is an art' has been repeatedly blurted out by many many sales managers. They are of the strong belief that if they set out to sell even garbage, by marketing it in a proper manner, people will surely buy it. This belief has been engraved in the minds of such people by our very own ignorant ways of life. They start to hammer this fact of selling into the brains of the marketing and sales students from the first day of the college, or even before that, when they are just kids and see the neighbors and relatives around them buying some and buying more. The gleam which they see on these adult faces tells the kids something about human beings then and there - buying things make people happy. They, at such tender age don't know the origins of such sense of materialistic joy in people but what they start to learn from this point onwards is to sell to people and before you know, the more money driven children are sitting in marketing and sales classes in some swanky college. So, who is to blame for such deconstruction of the society, the ultimate collapse of the tower of logic and freedom. Through injecting the serum of greed into these kids and making them dependent on such things, the high brows of the animal kingdom have, at last, found the ultimate drug for keeping the rest induced in a state of illusion and stagnant hope. Today, large corporations manufacture in bulk and sell in bulk; the idealistic theory of ' customer-centric production: producing what the customers want' has just been reduced to an act of mockery and spite. From mobile phone companies to food industry, they all are running a puppet show by producing whatever dreadful and most foolish product idea comes to their minds and then selling it to us in nice, shiny packets; charging us for the packaging also. Now, who wanted their shimmers and colors? Anyways, we are just buying it, or rather buying into the idea of development and prosperity. Coming back to the original point of this article, let's concentrate on the idea of writing resume for such a post like Sr. VP Sales. The post requires a highly specialized chap in the chair who knows his game and can handle his junior managers very well to extract satisfactory sales figures from them by the way of effective sales strategies and tactics. Following is the resume of such a person.

Sr. VP Sales Resume Sample

Angelica Baker
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To bring forth my skills for the task of handling large area sales plans and to effectively put them to execution for deriving good sales figures and profits for the company.

Profile Summary

  • Served for 3 years as the Area Sales Manager at Greta Home Appliances in Los Angles
  • Worked at the post of Store Sales Manager of Trex Lifestyle for 4 years
  • Have handled all the sales operations ranging from field work to research.
  • Developed many sales and marketing plans for implementation
  • Successful rate of sales at Trex for 2006-2009.

Skill Set

  • Equipped with the skills to persuade customers to buy more
  • Have the ability to conceptualize and execute innovative marketing and sales promotional activities
  • Strong focus on the competitors' strategies and developing counter-strategies of our own
  • Good communication skills to interact in a clear way with colleagues, subordinates and the management
  • Strong presentation skills along with good graphic representation of pie charts and bar graphs
  • Swift response ability to customer requests, thus keeping him always happy and satisfied
  • Good at multi tasking
  • Excellent team work skills and an ability to work in all kinds of conditions, including heavy pressure of deadlines

Work Experience

Greta Home Appliances, Los Angles
Area Sales Manager (2010-Present)

  • Oversaw the area sales operations and ensured that things moved as per schedule and on time to achieve the given sales target
  • Took weekly report of the area operations and looked into discrepancies from the original targets
  • Reported directly to the MD of company and discussed the possible new strategies and related programs
  • Ensured that all the employees were motivated and performed their tasks well
  • Attended meeting with the other area managers and discussed the issues related to competition

Trex Lifestyle, Los Angles
Store Sales Manager (2005-2009)

  • Managed the employees of the store and worked together for achieving the sales targets
  • Met all the sales targets from 2006 till 2009 and won awards from the company
  • Conducted market survey of current trends and competition and accordingly suggested the top management about introduction of new promotional offers
  • Reported directly to the area sales manager in Los Angles Head Office


  • MBA in Marketing from New York University, 2005
  • Bachelors in Business Administration, ABC College, Boston, 2003
  • John Hopkins Memorial High School, 2001


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a Sr. VP Sales resume is written. It is important to know what kind of company it is to which you are applying and what are their mission and vision statements. Accordingly, you write your objective statement to impress the reader from the word go. The rest of the content should be relevant to the kind of position you are applying for. Also remember to keep the resume short.

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