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Shoes Sales Resume

Job Description:

A person dealing with shoe sales has to first ascertain the wishes regarding the style and colour of the shoes and then try to sell shoes, footwear and boots. At the initial stage, he or she has to ask for the shoe size of the customer or else you have to measure it. The sales person's responsibility is to help the customer wear the shoes, try a walk and observe whether the shoe fits the customer and ensure this information from the buyer.

The sales man has to stretch shoes by using hand stretcher or insert instep pads to improve the fitness. It is the responsibility of the sales person to satisfy the customer with the purchase. He or she has to sell the related products such as handbags, belts, valets, purses hosiery, socks and shoe polish.

Apart from the above duties, he or she has to perform duties as assigned by the sales manager or some higher officials. The sales people have different roles to play such as selling children's shoes, men's shoes, women's shoes etc.


While applying for the position of the sales person, you have to submit a shoes sales resume showing your previous experience and special skills. Even though no higher qualification is required for the position, you must have excellent communication skills with some basic education and you must mention this in your resume. The importance of the shoes sales resume depends upon the way you express your talents and passion towards the job.

David M
4167, Kidd Avenue
Phone: 907-825-8851

Job Objective:

I am a dynamic and result oriented shoe sales person with extensive experience in the sale of shoes and in advertisement sector. I am looking for a salesman in shoes and shall contribute a lot with my marketable skills to boost the sales and bring income to the shop/company.

Skills Possessed:

I have great communication skills and can manage accounts and inventory. I always have a positive attitude towards the customers.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a shoes store manager in Comfortable Shoe Mart, Hawaii since March, 2006 to till date. I am entrusted with the following responsibilities.

  • I am responsible for proper storing of the shoes and other related products in showcases as well as in stores.
  • I have the responsibility to answer the queries of the customers regarding the quality of the leather products and their salient features.
  • I am also responsible for the proper work by the staff in the stores and sales section and guide them to provide excellent service to the customers.
  • I am also in charge of maintaining the stores accounts, stock verification and to maintain proper records.

Further, I have worked as a Sales Representative in ABC shoe-company from the year April, 2002 to December, 2005. During my tenure, I have discharged the following duties and earned a good name.

  • I was responsible for the promotion of sales by explaining the comforts, importance and benefits of the products to the customers using my best communication and interpersonal skills.
  • In order to increase the sales, I have planned and implemented certain attractive schemes in which the customers are presented with surprise gifts in proportionate quantity with the amount of purchase.
  • I was responsible for motivating the staff in charge of sales and training them to increase the sales and at the same time they are taught how to reduce the loss.
  • When the stocks are piled up, I used to introduce some seasonal reduction sales, with the permission of the management, to boost the sales and minimise the loss.
  • I always maintain a cordial relationship with the regular customers and through them, I have attracted many new customers.
  • I always treat the customers as our bosses


I have obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from a reputed college in Florida.

I have excellent proficiency in computer applications and I will be useful in maintaining the accounts.


References can be given on request.

Furnishing resumes and application forms or both are the necessary documents to be provided to the employers, when a candidate is in search of a job. Some employers may expect resumes and some not. It is, therefore, essential to study the recruitment notice carefully and sometimes you may have to enquire about the company you are interested in and ascertain their needs.

When you are applying for a sales position in a shoe mart or in a shoe manufacturing company, it is needless to say that a resume is a must. The details of the shoes sales resume must contain your previous experiences with the leading shops and companies.

Usually experience alone can speak of your qualities as far as a sales position is considered. The companies expect people with necessary skills to increase the sales and therefore, you have to explain your achievements in detail and you will win the job finally.

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