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Real Estate Appraiser Resume

Real estate appraiser resume requires relevant information in order to create a better impression on your prospective job recruiter. Prepare an impressive and perfect resume in order to avoid any kinds of risks on your professional career. In other words, your resume application should demonstrate about your skills and abilities you possess for the applied job position. In addition, you have to include your most important creations as examples in order to grab the first sight of your potential employer. It must skillfully highlight your experiences and accomplishments, so that it helps you in getting a good hold and reputation in the organization.

However, a real estate appraiser is a person who responsibly looks after the property costs, and its associated value, insurance policies, and related repairs for the property. In addition, they are also responsible for measuring the property, looking after the construction, its associated design work, present conditions, assessing the appropriate value of the reproduction costs, planning the perfect price of the property for future, maintaining the legal procedures, etc. In other words, they are completely in charge of building a perfect opinion on the real property value.

Therefore, you have to draft an impressive resume, which reflects your skills and work capabilities towards this professional and creative estate field. For your complete assistance, you are provided with a free sample resume for the position of a real estate appraiser.

Eric C. Anderson
774 Rowes Lane,
78th Blvd,
Clarkson, KY - 42726
Contact no. : (270) 589-9309

Career Objective:

Aspire for a position as a real estate appraiser, where I can utilize my exceptional skills and abilities in order to fulfill the challenging performances towards my job responsibilities. Willing to enhance my skills in the field of situational designs, constructions, and property plans.

Career Summary:

Twelve years of experience in the field of real estate as an appraiser, where I have handled the assessments of the properties, possessions, associated insurance coverage, etc. Competent enough to deal with effective market policies, and promoting different kinds of real estate services.


  • Diploma in Office Administration from Boston University, MA
  • Completed Post Graduation in Real Estate and Valuation Science from North Alexandria College, MN, in March 2003 - Grade A
  • Completed Graduation in Architecture from Chicago University, IL, in 2001 - Grade A
  • Completed High School from Sable State High School, in 1998, with Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Possess exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills, both written and oral
  • Capable of efficiently reviewing the real estate property, and its associated cost and insurance claims
  • Responsible of handling the problems regarding office management, manager, and the associated construction team
  • Certified real estate appraiser for general and commercial property dealings
  • Familiar with the general and commercial property plans, snaps, and the appropriate price estimates
  • Competent enough to deal with different kinds of clients or customers for adjustment board meetings and hearings

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Capable of dealing with the appraisal statements, property reports, and its associated cost evaluations, etc.
  • Expert and competent in different Microsoft packages like MS-Access, MS-Excel and other MS-Office software packages
  • Proficient in handling work on different platforms like Windows XP, Linux, MS DOS, etc.
  • Competent in varied kinds of foreign languages like French, Russian, Czech, and Polish
  • Competent in supervising the estimators, handling the office administration, maintaining the construction crews, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Valley Investment Incorporation (2007 - till date)
Designation: Real Estate Appraiser
Job responsibilities:

  • Look after the appraisals for contractors, other construction crew members, and escrow agents
  • Handle and manage the review reports for the general and commercial real estate and its associated appraising
  • Assist the senior managers in the inspection and appraising of the residential and commercial rehabilitated properties
  • Reviewed important loan reports, insurances for loss and damage estimates, property sales and purchase, etc.
  • Research about the appropriate prices and cost of the homes, based on the criteria of location, condition, etc.

Previous Employer: International Association of Real Estate (2006-2007)
Designation: Assistant Real Estate Appraiser
Job responsibilities:

  • Supervised the work of the construction team, handled the planning estimates, and suggested for insurance claims
  • Handled varied kinds of work with the management and administrative industries for appraising the residential complexes
  • Assisted with the crew members in reviewing the reports for housing properties, and associated harms in the surrounding premises
  • Obtained the appropriate and exact land values from various resources, and maintained the the sales information for income properties
  • Consulted for complex appraisals, and designed an outline report for reviewing the prices of the property

Achievements and Awards:

  • Time-honored awards for estimating the property values and increasing the potential sales income
  • Consistent candidate and winner of awards for evaluating the residential and commercial property for future values
  • Awarded for handling the county land values, establishing the property values, etc. at workplace in International Association of Real Estate
  • Winning team captain of the regional level rugby team, Chicago
  • Awarded with 'Best Appraiser Award' for inspecting the commercial properties, looking after the conditions and special features of the property, etc., at workplace in International Association of Real Estate

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participated in rugby tournaments at school, inter college, regional levels
  • Active member of 'Real Estate Society' for appraising the site reports, establishing a perfect property value, etc.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Rhodes Island and Colorado


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Eric C. Anderson

Here, you are provided with a free sample resume for real estate appraiser, which can certainly assist you in preparing your own resume application. Your resume application should be remarkable and impressive enough to feature your educational credentials, potential work abilities, total work experience, and major achievements. These important factors can surely grab the attention of your employer, and compel them to select you for the applied position of the real estate appraiser. In addition, you have to take certain efforts in creating an impressive resume application as this can surely help you in establishing yourself for the position you have wished to apply for.

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