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Equity Trader Resume

Equity trading is all about stock market analysis in association with buying and selling of shares based on proper judgments. Such judgments are part of professional exposure to the market and forecasts about its future performances. So, as a professional, an Equity Trader carries out a variety of evaluations like financial analysis, technical analysis etc., to determine the future market changes and guides the clients to have a proper decision that gives good results. It helps in minimizing potential loss with certainty of positive returns. So, while writing an equity trader resume, take efforts to clarify strategic handling of equity analysis and market understanding to ensure the desired results. Highlight remarkable performances with the accuracy of judgment.

Here, learn various characteristics of work with reference to the duties that an equity trader performs. Emphasize market oriented results in association with security analysis and portfolio management.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing present market scenario and conditions with advanced technical and financial analysis
  • Establishing certain trends to detect critical circumstances that may arise in future because of changing market scene
  • Advising the clients to have proper investment based on critical analysis and judgments
  • Minimizing potential loss with strong comprehension of market trends and developments

Clarified analysis of past market developments can help in rationalizing investment decisions. Hence, make the best use of prior working experiences to offer the employer with critical information that support his/her understanding of the market.

Develop considerable interest of the employer to know more about the candidature. It surely ensures increased possibilities of interview chance.

Below, get a sample equity trader resume, which gives some directions to craft your own resume. Learn professional format that can be utilized with some necessary changes.

Monty N. Hurtado
3638 Maple Court
Safe, MO 65559
Phone: 573-367-7363
Email Address:


7 years of professional services in analyzing market potential and developments, as an equity analyst, enriched with considerable market research, and is looking for the opportunity to utilize such talent in reaping fruitful results with sound market judgments.


  • Equity Trade Support
  • A Professional Equity Analyst
  • 8 years of services in the equity trading industries
  • Highly developed market research and critical sense
  • Performed services for agency trading
  • Registered with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)


  • Well developed analytical and mathematical skills
  • Good managerial administration of the work
  • Learned research capacities to manage industry projects
  • Effective technical exposure to market trend analysis and explanation
  • Decision making power and excellence online support
  • Communication and team leadership power
  • Customer Relationship Management skills

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Software Applications Management
  • Certification in Technical Analysis
  • 3 D designing with automated technology management
  • Online Stock Trading
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


  • Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from Southern New Hampshire University 2000
  • Master of Arts with majors in Economics from University of Central Missouri 1996
  • Certificate in Capital Market Trading and FOREX Operations
  • Advanced Training Program on Stock Trading Principles and Practices
  • Stock Broker Certification Program in E-trading and Settlement

Professional Experience:

New York Stock Exchange International Trading Services Inc.
Designation: Equity Trade Support

Duration: 2 years and 6 months
Role and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring best advisory support to deal with security investment and portfolio management
  • Carrying out trade settlements with necessary records and documentation
  • Managing stock trade transactions and ensuring client relationship management services
  • Analyzing Foreign Exchange transactions and its results on the domestic stock trading
  • Playing a role of an intermediary to facilitate security trading

Alpha Trading Services Inc. Green Bay, WI
Designation: Equity Analyst

Duration: 3 years 2 months
Role and Responsibilities

  • Analyzed market performance and forecasts with advanced technical and financial analysis
  • Offered financial and investment support to the customers to solve their queries
  • Facilitated rational judgments based on scientific performance calculations and measures
  • Dealt with the stock trade settlement issues and industry practices


  • Received 'Best Innovator' Award for offering more accurate and exact trading judgments to ensure secured returns on the client investment
  • Duly recognized for professional Security Analysis and Portfolio Manager Support offered to deal with risk analysis and management


  • Affiliated to Stock Trading Partner Program ensuring technical support in dealing with trade issues
  • Associated with Market Trading Affiliations, for promoting safe investments and share broking services

Mobility and Flexibility:

Adaptable to the changing business environment and quick learning abilities to get adjusted to the technical changes with an ease of services. Readiness to face market issues with quite comprehensive and critical thinking of mind. Updated skills to deal with current market scenario and potential threats.


Here, I state that the provided information is correct and faithful.

Monty N. Hurtado

Clinical analysis of positional requirements is helpful in creating well coordinated effect that offers more concrete results and increases probabilities of getting positive response. So, comprehend commercial requirement of skills and portray equally necessary details from the employer's desk. Critically evaluate yourself and make the best use of industry exposure to convince professional service support and affiliations.

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