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Cell Phone Sales Resume

Job Description:

A cell phone sales executive has to utilise the services of several advertisement media and with his/her innovative ideas publicise the cell phone and increase the sales. He or she has to work hard and to take care of various functions in advertising the product and the kind of work will reap good results. A cell phone sales person performs face to face sales and customer service when he or she is working in retail sales centre.

A cell phone sales executive has to build a strong rapport with the existing and new customers and by the service and advertisement techniques performed by the sales professional, the existing customers will themselves introduce new customers. He/she should have the capacity to troubleshoot the products and instruct the customers on the proper use of the instruments.

Cell phone sales professionals are required to maintain a record of sales and document the customer interactions and this is required to attend to the call from customers regarding malfunctioning of the cell phones during the guarantee period and even at a later period. A cell phone sales person should have the overall control of the retail shop, open and close the shop at the scheduled timings.

Karen C
2339, Airplane Avenue
Phone: 860-833-9646

Job Objective:

I am trying to get the position of a cell phone sales representative in an established company.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • I am experienced for more than six years in selling different products of cell phones.
  • I am aware of the latest technologies introduced in the cell phones and have the capacity to explain the facilities to the customers.
  • I have the ability to demonstrate the functions of the cell phones clearly to the customers by explaining them orally as well as practically.
  • I possess a great convincing power to make the customer to buy a cell phone.
  • I have a good experience in campaign programs and planning attractive strategies and executing the same.

Professional Experience:

I am now working as a cell phone sales representative in Jubilant Cell Phone Sales and Service Centre in Newark, PA from January, 2005 to till date and my achievements are given below.

  • I am responsible for designing new promotional schemes and presentation of the same in the process of increasing the sales.
  • I have designed new campaign programs and conducted the same in different parts of the State to boast the sales to a new high.
  • I have developed a good relationship with the prospective customers and discuss with them to understand their ideas about their needs and requirements.
  • I always present a practical demonstration to the customers besides giving verbal explanations about the functions of the cell phones and this is essential to convince the customers.
  • I take the responsibility of hiring new employees and train them in the tactics of the trade.
  • I am in charge of troubleshooting the products and answering the queries of the customers.

I had also worked as a cell phone sales executive in Worldwide Cell Phone Sales and Service Centre in Rugby, ND from the year 2001 to December, 2004 and my performed duties and responsibilities were as follows.

  • I was responsible for 15% sales increase, thanks to the new strategies and campaigns designed by me.
  • I took preventive measures to curb any kind of product loss.
  • I had educated the customers regarding the operations of the cell phones and the benefits of buying the products and services provided.
  • Besides working in sales section, I had attended to the administrative duties and maintained perfect records of the customer particulars and sale details for future references.

Educational Background:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Arts, Media and Communication from a University in Boston.


Will be made available on request.

If you desire to become a cell phone sales person, you have to get ready a cell phone sales resume and send it to your prospective employer. This is a sort of self introduction, before you meet the hiring manager at the time of interview. Resumes have to be prepared by taking some quite time, as it has to be impressive and truthful. Most of the human resource managers intend to verify the contents of your resume and therefore, the importance of cell phone sales resume should contain factual information about your skills, education and experiences.

If you do not have much work experience, restrict your resume to one page. If you are well experienced and had worked in two or three organisations, there is nothing wrong in explaining the details of cell phone sales resume in more than one page and this may go up to a maximum of three pages. But more than three pages are overboard and your resume will go unread.

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