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Retail Customer Service Resume

Job Description:

  • The main responsibility of the person, who provides retail customer service, is to interact with the customers and provide information to the inquiries regarding the products and services offered to them.
  • He or she has to deal with the customers directly either in person or through telephone or by any other means.
  • The person has the responsibility to receive the complaints from the customers and resolve them to their satisfaction.
  • The person providing customer service has to perform customer verifications
  • The service providers have to process orders, forms, applications and requests.
  • They have to maintain customers' accounts and records that showing interactions and transactions.
  • They have to maintain records of the action taken regarding the complaints of the customers and other processes.
  • They have to assist in running the administration and coordinate with the internal departments and maintain proper communication with them.
  • The sales representatives have to help the customers in locating the specific items, they wanted, and guide them to various sales sections.

Why a Resume is a Must?

In general, employers prefer experienced people to be employed in their organisations. For experienced people, who are applying for new positions dealing with customers, it is necessary to submit a retail customer service resume. The importance of the retail customer service resume is to clearly mention your past experiences, skills and educational qualifications to your prospective employer and this is a chance to judge your talents by the recruiting managers.

James M
1162, Coolidge Street

Job Objective:

To be placed in the position to provide retail customer service in a reputed organisation with justification to my qualifications


  • Experienced in retail customer service in a big store for the past ten years
  • I am a responsible person and can cooperate with everyone in discharging my duties and responsibilities.
  • I am an enthusiastic and hard working personality

Educational Qualifications:

  • I am in possession of certificate-III in retail operations
  • I am a graduate in Business Administration and got the same in the year 2006, while I was in service.
  • I am well versed with computer applications and with many computer languages.
  • I have excellent communication skills and administrative capacity
  • I am also an expert in mathematics and can calculate the cost of bills and verify the prepared bill amounts quickly.

Professional Experience:

  • At present, I am working in a big store in Boston, USA and I have an experience of more than ten years.
  • I have managed the stores and was in charge of sales section
  • I was responsible for hiring and training about 50 people and engaged them in retail sales service in our branches located in various towns.
  • I have launched and executed many customer retention programmes, offered gifts to frequent customers and I played a key role to increase the sales of the store by more than 20% in a span of one year service.
  • Because of the above plans, I was able to earn more customers for my store
  • I was responsible for training the sales associates to learn better customer services and sales skills.
  • I was responsible in resolving the personal problems of the sales staff to enable them to serve better without any pressure.

Apart from the above store, I have worked in a store, selling fashion clothes for the last four years. The services rendered by me in this store are as follows.

  • On seeing my past records, I was promoted to the post of department manager from the sales associate position.
  • I was in charge of the children's clothing department and there were about 15 staff under my supervision.
  • I had provided excellent customer service and paid attention to the complaints by the customers and took remedial measures to rectify the defects.
  • I was also maintaining perfect records for the daily shipments and inventory

The details of the retail customer service resume should be in such a way that the first half of the resume should give a clear picture about you, as the recruiting managers will spend only a few seconds to review each resume. A resume is nothing but a self advertisement and if done properly, would present your skills, experience and special achievements to enable the reviewers to understand that you are the perfect person for the job.

You should not prolong your resume to number of pages and it should be in brief form and at the same time should contain all the information about you and your skills. Longer resumes will meet their fate in the dust bin. You must restrict to the points that are concerned with the job requirement only. The resumes should in no way affect the busy schedule of the hiring managers and should be impressive to give an interview call to you.

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