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Retail Consultant Resume

A retail consultant resume is written by a person who has knowledge of retail scenario and the ability to guide the company's marketing and sales division in strategizing proper retail distribution plans. The focus of such an individual is to increase the product visibility of the product and successfully counter all the competition out there.

The entire retail industry survives on the fact that customer will buy their products. In such a scenario, where there are hundreds of products of the same kind and type, it becomes a matter of survival for the companies by competing with each other in selling there 'identical' products to their target audience. There is a constant struggle between these companies to stay above the others and maintain greater visibility than the rest of them. This leads to the opening up of many job vacancies for the specialists who specialize in this and other fields, one of them being the post of retail consultant. Such is the leap that has been taken by the times and fashions that these big companies have now made consumerism the flavor of the generation. With time, the need to own more and more has risen to such an extent that the manufacturers have started to take the help of such competitive strategies, and many a times very cheap tricks..

Writing the resume for applying to this job will involve care and technique on your part. The technique is to write an effective resume so as to grab the attention of the recruiter from the word Go. This is why it is suggested that you start with the most impressive info under each section; yes, there will be different sections into which the entire resume will be divided. These sections will be as follows:

  • Objective - This will state your objective behind seeking this job with the company. The recruiter want to understand your motivations behind applying for the job and hence you have to write, in comprehensible terms, the reason as to why you want this job. How exactly to go about it is mentioned in the resume sample that follows.
  • Professional Summary - This will be one brief consolidated account of all the important work done by you and other necessary detail about you including your USP, names of big companies who you have worked for, license of practice, etc.. do not exceed more than 6 bullet points.
  • Skills - The recruiter would want to know what skills do you possess that could come in handy while carrying out the work in the company. These could be your good interpersonal skills, excellence in communicating with the staff, good retail research and analysis, etc.
  • Work Experience - The most important section of them all, indeed. The recruiter is most interested in knowing what your experience is and what kinds of responsibilities have you handled till date. This is why this section needs to be catchy and as much information-rich as possible. Without overpopulating the section, you need to mention the most important work done with each prior employer. State the companies' names, your post at each one and the period for which you served there.
  • Educational Qualifications - Mention details of your master's and bachelor's degrees here.
  • Achievements - Write about any essential professional achievements of yours.

Following is a sample resume for your reference.

Retail Consultant Resume Sample

Kevin Smith
31st North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741

Objective Statement

To match the demands of a dynamic work environment with my rich skills in retail marketing and showcase my abilities in retail strategy and planning while working with a leading company.

Profile Summary

  • 8 years of rich and diverse experience in the field of retail marketing- planning, researching, and advising.
  • Good amount of experience in coordinating with different departments and keeping a tab on all the marketing, sales and distribution activities.
  • Have handled the sales and distribution planning for Proctor & Gamble in California and New York.
  • USP in strategic planning and market analysis.
  • Stress on directing all the efforts towards building brand identity and gaining more ground in the market.

Skills Summary

  • Hard Skills

    • Good time management skills to plan my work around the deadline so as to finish it off before time.
    • Very cooperating in nature and good team spirit to work together towards a common goal with full dedication.
    • Good interpersonal skills to maintain good relations with the colleagues across all departments.
    • Ability to perform well even when faced with the most demanding and taxing deadlines.
    • Excellent communications prowess and their effective use at team meetings, board meetings, writing official emails, and other verbal communication.
    • Proficiency in market research and guiding marketing executives in planning and strategy devising.

  • Computer Skills/ Soft Skills

    • Excellent with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Work Experience

Proctor & Gamble, California
Strategic Retail Consultant (2008-Present)

  • Developed advanced statistical instruments to conduct surveys into the previously untapped markets and derive points of reference to research upon and develop strategies to cash in on the untapped potential of that market area.
  • Enhanced the company's market coverage area by building new relations with suppliers and vendors.
  • Worked with the marketing department to increase the firm's visibility in the market and get the better of the competition out there.
  • Worked towards identifying the new market trends and technologies and adopted them in order to keep an upper hand in the market competition and give the customers new and improved products.
  • Got a promotion from the post of retail consultation executive to senior strategic retail consultant.
  • Led the team to improve the existing procedures of supply and distribution by developing new strategies and finding new areas with greater demand.

Foster Bear, California
Business Consultant (2005-2008)

  • Managed the marketing division of the company in California and handled the supply and distribution operations of the area too.
  • Maintained good relations with the vendors and suppliers and kept track of the market competition.
  • Responsible for updating the senior managers about the latest developments and getting approved new retail strategies for implementation in the local market.


  • Completed MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago, 2004
  • Completed Bachelors in Business Administration from MR Business School, New York University, 2002
  • Thomas R. High School, 1999


In bullet point format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.

This is how a retail consultant resume is written. The main thing to keep in mind here is that your resume will be your first impression on the recruiter and this is why it is important for you to follow this industry format to write it. A few rules to keep in mind here are:

  • Always keep the language simple - Richness in vocabulary is not the criteria here. The language, on the contrary, has to be simple and easy to understand. In addition it is recommended that you use some industry-specific terms just so as to add an air of authenticity to the resume.

  • Use reverse chronological order - Always while writing under any section, like skills summary, write the details in such a way that the most relevant skill is stated first, then the others follow. This helps in holding the interest of the reader throughout the resume.

  • Always use full names - In case you mention some references in the resume, it is important that you write their full names. Even when writing your own name, be sure to write the name as it is on your education certificates. Be sure to spell the names correctly and also give their contact details so that the recruiter can contact them, if he wants.

  • Proofread the resume - Once you are done compiling all the information into the resume, it is time for you to once go through it in order to ascertain that there are no spelling or factual mistakes in its body. If need be, proofread it twice but be sure to send forward an absolutely mistake-free resume.

These are a few additional tips that will help you through the entire process of filtering relevant information and writing a good resume, which is right on point and immaculate in its information and accuracy. So, all the best with the task and be confident when you go for the interview. P.S.- No matter if you have emailed your resume to the recruiter, when you go for a personal interview, carry a copy without fail.

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