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Buyer Planner Resume

Job Description:

A buyer planner has the responsibility to determine and recommend the purchase of required materials for the organisation and maintain production schedules in order to create inventory as per the plan proposed. A buyer planner should possess excellent negotiations skills, as he or she has to negotiate with the vendors for the best price of the products.

A buyer planner should have the ability to identify the amount of inventory need in producing a company's products and ensure that the quality and the pricing are in accordance with the gross profit and the customer satisfaction. His or her responsibility is to find the best product for the lowest price. Of course, a buyer planner could not select the cheapest varieties compromising the quality of the products, which may be inferior.

A buyer planner has the responsibility to procure good quality products at lowest cost and for this purpose, negotiations can be made on the basis of the volume of purchase. A buyer planner position is very much essential for a production company and his or her services are required by bulk buyers like Government agencies or the military and the like.

Joseph A
2251, Pointe Lane
Phone: 954-983-5226

Job Objective:

I am seeking a position of a buyer planner in a reputed and big organisation to utilise my skills in the profession.

Highlights of Experience and Skills:

  • I am a licensed and certified buyer planner.
  • I am highly experienced in buying and selling methods and a constant researcher about the market trend.
  • I am familiar with customer services and I always have a good relationship with them.
  • I am proficient with applicable policies, rules, regulations and the laws involved in the profession of buyer planner.
  • I am thorough with computer applications, report writing and maintaining perfect documents.
  • I have excellent communication and negotiation skills, which is an essential quality in this profession.

Professional Experience:

I am presently working as a buyer planner in Continental Business Corporation in Ocala, FL from January, 2007 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I have developed communication with the suppliers and internal customers and issued proper recommendation for procurement.
  • I am maintaining the stock of supplies with continuous flow and am in charge of inventory.
  • I have skilfully negotiated with the traders regarding pricing, terms and conditions and ensured speedy supply of materials, equipment and other supplies.
  • I have forecasted the demand for the near future and analysed the inventory position and ordered for more/less supply of materials as the case may be.
  • I am responsible for scheduling the production equipment and periodically monitored the performance of suppliers.

I also had the experience of working as a buyer planner for a reputed company-Albert Corporation in Atlanta from the year 2004 to December, 2006 and my performances are given below.

  • I had developed different types of procurement strategies, which include long and short term ranges also.
  • As I had enough experience, I was able to get quality material supplies at a minimum cost, which brought good profit to my client.
  • I had made necessary arrangements to ensure proper material inventory control.
  • Even when adequate inventory was maintained, I ensured for minimum wastage.
  • I had maintained good and professional relationship with the vendors and suppliers and ensured effective compliance.

Educational Background:

I have a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Business from a University in Washington.
I am a certified lead Auditor.


Mr. Joseph Fernandez
Managing Director
Continental Business Corporation
Ocala FL.

If you are making efforts to get a good job that suits your qualifications and skills, you have to write a great resume. Suppose you are trying to fit in a position of a buyer planner, it is mandatory to prepare a buyer planner resume that shows your positive attitude towards the coveted position, you are looking for. A resume is a way to let your potential employer know how you match the skills the employer expects and fulfils the needs.

A satisfactory and OK resume will not get you an interview call. The importance of buyer planner resume is that it should be a strong and well written resume which focuses your prospective employer how you meet their needs that is required by the company or organisation. As the company always expect some specific needs for each position they advertise, it is your duty to carefully read the job advertisements, describing the requirements the company is in need of.

The details of buyer planner resume should consist of the skills and experience that are required for this specific job and you have to put some key words to stand out as the employers are always searching for key words in resumes.

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