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An analyst programmer resume enlightens the reader about your professional qualification, bringing forth the details of your employment history and academic qualification, while laying down your interests and goals pertaining to your career. As an effective mediator between you and the employer, it holds as much significance as the cover letter, showcasing all the essential elements that add value to your profile. Effective marketing of one's profile it is. Although the resume illustrates your professional background, all the information that it projects must bear utmost relevance to the job specifications. In fact, it would be rewarding to contact the employer and talk to one of the recruiters to discuss their needs, for you will gain more clarity on their vision, which will eventually facilitate the selection and organization of information.

Maybe you are aware, but a resume should ideally be restricted to one page only. It should be designed to facilitate a short, easy, and worthwhile read. One basic act of customization that promotes optimal space management here is the inclusion of an executive summary, as shown in the sample programmer analyst resume given below. Reducing a big chunk of information pertaining to your professional background into a short section, immediately following the career objective, will greatly influence the reader, and further draw his attention towards your application. Spend a good amount of time here, selecting what to include and what to avoid. Aim for a highly specific resume, leaving out all the information that are insignificant as of now. Constructing a generic resume will only give rise to a bland application. A job application is a very personal document, it should be crafted with precision, incorporating a formal tone.

The career objective, on the other hand, should also act as a title to your resume. Refer to the example below and study the sentence construction carefully, to understand how multiple details are put together as one concrete objective that speaks of your current designation, approximate amount of experience, and your area of expertise. Putting them all together, along with your career goals, will successfully engage the reader in your application. Also, while stating your fundamental skill sets, keep the section from all mundane qualities. Take care not to miss out on your technical knowledge. Following these sections, include the basic details of your previous employment and academic qualification, as shown below in the sample. You may also include the details of any rewards that you have achieved, next to the details of the particular employer or institute, in the employment history and academic section, respectively. However, if there are more than two points, it would be wise to include a separate section following the educational details.

Given below is a free sample of an analyst programmer resume, simply adopt its layout and refer to its contents for effective sentence construction and the arrangement of information. Browse the website for more resume templates and free cover letter samples.

Herbert D. Cardinale
3350 Cliffside Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057
(607) 423-2344


Programmer Analyst with 7 years of total experience in the IT sector, seeks an opportunity to create, modify, and sustain optimum coordination of business applications and operational systems, blending with the advanced implication of information technology for delivering highly competitive outcomes.

Executive Summary:

  • Evaluated user requests, developed software, reviewed organizational data and software for testing, performance analysis, and optimization
  • Involved in encoding, debugging, and documenting program upgrades, coordinated the installation and testing of software at user sites
  • Developed solutions to facilitate database management, and the maintenance of data resources
  • Responsible for meeting network system requirements, developed and implemented alternative measures for the optimization of data security technologies.
  • Developed and further improved operational techniques for storage, network, communication, and hardware requirements
  • Designed user reference manuals, technical reports, and periodicals for internal reference during project development and post-service support
  • Prepared operational flowcharts showing logical steps for programming, designed terminal screen display
  • Developed portals, filters, and various interfaces for interstate messaging

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Sound knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Oracle, Visual Basic, .NET, COBOL, Java, MySQL, and SQL
  • Proficient in the definition of errors and problems, with root-cause targeted technical troubleshooting abilities
  • Highly efficient in the analysis and interpretation of mathematical, logical, and statistical data, and report generation
  • Expert in the application of structured programming methodologies and database design methods
  • Sound knowledge of data modeling, systems analysis, and automated data processing
  • Highly self-motivated, creative, with smart decisiveness and a multi-directional vision for technological advancement

Work History:

2009 - present
Level 5 - Kirkville, NY

2004 - 2008
Synergetic Imprints - Fulton, NY
Sr. Software Developer


PG Diploma in computer information systems2009
Columbia Technical Institute - Syracuse, NY
Secured 72%

Three years bachelor's degree in computer science

Whitman College of Technology and Management - Buffalo, NY2003
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

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