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Manager Sales Resume

Resumes are needed for jobs and designations belonging to the different levels of hierarchy, no matter how high or "white collar" the job happens to be, a well prepared resume is needed when you are applying for the job, in order to create a good first impression and/ or it is the only means of making hiring recruiters aware of your job seeking status when a resume is uploaded on a job portal site.

On this particular page, we will tackle the subject of resume preparation for the profession of manager sales. Note: By "manager sales" we mean the manager of the sales department of a shopping mall, or a departmental store. The following page shows us what duties exactly come under the job of a "manager sales", what portions of the resume should be highlighted over the rest as well as a manager sales sample resume for reference purposes of a person searching for the senior job in sales. We begin with the particulars of a manager sales job.

Duties Required to be Fulfilled by a Manager of Sales

The basic function of a manager of a sales department is to oversee things. Actually, that is the true meaning of the word "manager". If there are an 'n' number of functions to oversee then a manager is the person who basically oversees the smooth functioning of all those functions. To be more precise, let us look at the following points-

  • Has an excellent idea of what leads to premium customer satisfaction and can translate the same knowledge to optimum customer service
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Capable in coming up with off the chart ideas regarding proper space management and visual advertising
  • Brilliant at building work schedules for sub-employees
  • Should be adept at selling products and accessories
  • The ability to co-ordinate and organize an entire team worth of people
Manager Sales Resume Template

Here in the following section, we will discuss what is the most important thing in the resume for a manager of a sales department. First we will look at the general template for a manager of the sales department. First comes the personal details section.

Personal Details

Name of the Candidate:
Contact Info-
Telephone Number:
Email ID:

And now comes one of the most important sections of the resume. That of the skills possessed by the manager of sales. In this section you will discuss everything that you think will be impressive for the candidates.

Next, since this just so happens to be a position of seniority, the Previous Work Ex section is the most important section of them all, as you need to gradually build your case for such responsibility by showing experience. (Of course, see that you provide references to back up your work experience).

And finally, you have the educational qualifications section which shouldn't be neglected too.

On to the actual resume sample-

Manager Sales Sample Resume

Name: Rachel Greene
Address: 3265 Fantages Way,
Salem, ME 04983
Contact Number: 207 - 678 - 5747
Email ID:


To achieve the best I can do in terms of managing the sales department section of your esteemed institution in order to get the best turnover in terms of sales.

Skills Possessed Which Are Relevant to the Job

  • Great leadership skills
  • Competent skills in keeping track of employee
  • Excellent at thinking up sales pitches and advertising campaigns for the like
  • Great morale boosting abilities; popular personality amongst the sub-employees

Previous Work Experience

Sales Manager (Promoted from Assistant Sales Manager)
(Saks Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY)
July 2000 to October 2003

My job as Assistant Sales Manager at Saks required me to think of creative advertising slogans and merchandise display setup as well as keep track of the master list of all the accounts.

Once that was covered, I was then moved on to Sales Manager where I had to coordinate the entire team in making good use of their time and energy in order to satisfy the customers and to ensure the greatest amount of sales possible.

Educational Qualifications

MBA (1997 to 2000)
New York University

BBA (1994 to 1997)
New York University

See attached references for more help on the same

And that is how we basically put together a Manager Sales resume. Of course, it is essential that you go ahead and accumulate as much experience as possible in the sales field to acquire the best possible result (should go without saying). Wish you the best as you try your chances at the manager sales job of your dreams. While looking for a dream job, its very important to build your resume and cover letter in proper way. Click here to get the best tips on resume and cover letter writing.

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