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Head Nurse Resume

No matter how high the designation of the job, a person needs a resume as basic proof that he or she is totally capable of taking on the job that he or she is to be assigned besides making sure at the same time about the fact that they do have a professional presence (could be in the form of an uploaded resume on a public job portal). One of these senior jobs just so happens to be that of head nurse resume.

A head nurse resume is a highly responsible job. The basic duty of a nurse itself is highly prestigious and noble. The job of a head nurse, who has to coordinate all of these jobs all at the same time, is a million times more important. Basically because he or she has to co-ordinate the working of all the nurses under them in a hospital or when the unit is dispatched to an exterior location (think of a tragedy site or a war torn district).

On this page, we will explore the importance of the job of a head nurse, as well as what aspects of the resume are the most important for a head nurse as well as how to put together a head nurse resume (a resume template as well as a sample resume is provided for the same).

Job Particulars of a Head Nurse

Firstly, a head nurse has to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the nursing principles and in order to do so, one has to have an impressive number of years of experience under her or his belt.

A head nurse needs to be srrvant in medical knowledge because he or she has to be adept at leading an entire team of nurses who report to him or her. So it goes without saying that a head nurse has to have great leadership skills.

Below is provided a template for a head nurse resume. Let us look at the following template-

Head Nurse Resume Template

  • First come the Personal Details.
  • Next will appear a one line Objective.
  • Now comes the meaty part. The Skills Possessed by a Head Nurse section which needs to be meticulously written.
  • Later on, we have the Previous Work Experience which should highlight on the duties that head nurse performed at his or her previous workplace, for how long they performed their duties, the specification of their services and the name of the hospital(s) they served at.
  • Lastly, we come to the Educational Qualifications section of the head nurse resume which is a significant portion, even if the recruiters will give the preference for experience that the candidate has earned.
Now, we move onto the sample head nurse resume itself-

Head Nurse Resume Sample

Name: Shelley B. Colton
Address: 4233 Hoffmann Avenue,
New York, NY 10013
Contact Info-
(Telephone Number): 917 - 892 - 4310
Email ID:


Due to the rich experience I have earned during my years in this noble profession of nursing, I have attained a plethora of valuable skills which would prove to be absolutely essential when guiding the nurses and treating the patients admitted at your worthy hospital.

Skills Possessed and which are relevant to the post of Head Nurse

  • An adequate knowledge of all kinds of nursing principles, techniques and procedures
  • Exquisite leadership skills
  • Alert mind and calm, cool and collected during moments of high pressure (for example, most emergency room operations and on the spot calls to accident sites)
  • Erudite experience in helping doctors with operating and surgery procedures
  • First aid application and training

Previous Work Experience

Head Nurse, St. Bernard's Hospital,
Southport, North Carolina
November 2003 to January 2009

My job at St. Bernard's required me to guide a group of young nursing interns in the fields of treating minor injuries and wounds as well as assisting the doctors in handling the surgery tools during operations in the ICU. During my six years at the hospital, I was also dispatched to off site accident locations to guide nurses and attendants in dealing with victims of a fatality of any kind.

Educational Qualifications

BSc. In Nursing, Puenta Nursing School, Dallas, Texas

(See attached references for more info)

Remember, you may apply for the position of head nurse only if you are experienced in the field of nursing. So collect that experience during your years in the profession and go for the post that you always wished of serving in.

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