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English Teacher Resume

An English teacher's job is to instruct and provide the students with the basic structures and situations to learn the use of English language, effectively. This involves designing and developing useful tools and techniques to serve the learners objective, and make learning more interesting and effective. Thus, as a teacher you need to have good evaluation and administration abilities to accomplish your objective in the best possible manner. Hence, your English Teacher resume should make an effective attempt, to put forth your abilities to generate the desired effects, and help the learners to develop useful techniques to get acquainted with the language. So, as a teacher, you need to be aware of your positional responsibilities, to develop the necessary tools and techniques, to make teaching more effective.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Making learning more effective and interesting to achieve the given objective
  • Developing the necessary spoken habits or skills to teach correct usage of English, and help them compose a number of sentences, with fixed patterns
  • Making learning more interactive, and offering situational exposure to get familiar with the situational use of English
  • Designing useful syllabus or activities to provide good learning environment and developing critical thinking and comprehension abilities in the students
  • Offering the students with the basic words, structures, and supplementary knowledge to generate a variety of sentences

In this way, your English teacher resume sample needs to offer the recruiter with your good administration and analytical skills, to make teaching more effective and interactive. You can write a cover letter and get recommendation, to create some additional benefit in your side.

John I. Aguirre
2820 James Street
Albion, NY 14441
Phone: 483-429-3528
Email Address:


With the 6 years of experience at handling teaching functions, I wish to apply for an English teacher position in your well admired institution, and prove my potential to make learning more interesting and effective, with the use of highly advanced teaching methodologies.


  • Wide ranging experience at providing teaching and instruction functions
  • Managed effective learning experiences, with result-oriented approach
  • Proficient instructor and evaluator to generate good results
  • Provided effective training to boost the learners critical thinking abilities


  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate effectively
  • Strong comprehensive abilities and research abilities
  • Problem solving aptitude with good instruction abilities
  • Excellent administration and evaluation skills

Technical Skills:

  • Well acquainted with Microsoft Office functions, and managed useful software applications
  • Outstanding in managing Microsoft Excel functions
  • Good at database management functions

Professional Experience:

Teacher, TEAD Education Society's Franklin Online College La Mesa, CA
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Developing necessary syllabus or tests to make teaching more effective and result oriented
  • Providing effective instructions, and designing effective teaching tools and techniques to make English teaching easy and interesting
  • Utilizing a variety of teaching methods to accomplish the teaching objective; offering the learners with the basic structures and patterns to generate numerous sentences
  • Evaluating the effect or results of the training and teaching methods, and monitor effective learning functions

Assistant Teacher; National Graduate School of Technology Management Burnsville, MN
Role and responsibilities

  • Supported the teacher with the required administration and organization functions to carry out evaluation and tests
  • Supervised the personality development, and provided students with the necessary assistance
  • Carried out record keeping and documentation functions to monitor effective English teaching
  • Assisted the management in effective decision making, by providing necessary processed data and reports
  • Provided technical support to implement highly advanced teaching methods and manage its development properly


  • Bachelor's in 'Engineering Management' from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001
  • Master's in 'Mechanical Engineering' from the University of South California in 2003
  • Completed a diploma course in 'Advanced Teaching Aids and Techniques Management'
  • Attended a training program on 'Developing research abilities and teaching aids management'


  • Received 'The Best Coordinator of the Year 2008' for effective management of teaching and instruction functions
  • Awarded with a research fellowship to complete the Master's Program at the University of California


  • Affiliated to a society formed for creating awareness and developing health conscious aptitude

Mobility and Flexibility:

High operational efficiency with the flexible and adaptive mind-set to adjust to the environmental needs and demands. Abilities to serve anywhere in the States.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

John I. Aguirre

In this manner, an English teacher resume needs to cover your teaching skills and abilities to teach the English language. So, highlight your prior job experiences at providing useful instructions, and well coordinated efforts to develop English spoken and written abilities with the good comprehensive power.

Thus, systematically determine your resume format, and develop relevant content to focus on your remarkable accomplishments in the teaching field. Supplement such skills with the good evaluation and administration power to achieve the targeted objective. So, as an English teacher, you need to be systematic, and well organized at utilizing a variety of teaching aids. Let such resume be a powerful expression of your skills, and in-depth understanding of the associated matters.

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