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Senior Police Officer Resume

Senior police officers have to always lead their team forces in order to maintain discipline and stability in the police officer community. Basically, they are top members or activators who issue commands for their junior staff members. Therefore, such senior police officers should have complete potential and understanding towards dealing with their respective subjects. These officers are the main leaders who guide their junior police officers to handle their assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Basically, they are mainly responsible for maintaining and handling the major security duties that includes royalty or political protection, surveillance, handling the terrorist attacks, investigating the major and critical cases, etc. Therefore, the police officers are solely in charge of enforcing the specified and strict rules and regulations as well as looking after the protection of the public property. In addition, they should possess better knowledge and understanding towards administrative and leadership skills, which are extremely important during the procedural and operational functions of the department.

For a better and quick start, here you are provided with a better resume sample for senior police officer. You have to efficiently portray your key responsibilities in order to be noticed by your prospective job recruiter. Your resume should particularly be an optimized letter, which can easily assist you in getting selected for the applied job position.

Senior Police Officer Resume Sample

Thomas K. Collman
4212 Clement Street,
64th Blvd,
Atlanta, GA - 30303
Contact no.: (404) 529-2280

Career Objective:

Aspire for the position of senior police officer where I can utilize my communicative and administrative abilities in handling the commission of crime. In addition, I wish to preserve the law and order and maintain the strict rules and regulations among the social and diplomatic community.

Career Summary:

Senior police officer with complete understanding and competency in providing security measures towards the life and property within the specified municipal boundaries. Ten years of experience in maintaining and handling the emergency and critical conditions under peer pressure.


  • Associate degree for Detective or Senior Officer from University of Phoenix
  • Completed post graduation in State Legal Procedures from Texas State University in March 2003 - Grade A
  • Completed Bachelor Of Arts in Management from Mississippi State University in 2001 - Grade A
  • Completed High School from State Military School, in 1998 with Grade A in Science

Skills Summary:

  • Possess good and effective communicational and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Efficient in handling and maintaining the resources for policy programming
  • Competent enough to handle the critical and emergency conditions under pressure
  • Capable of providing proactive and dynamic leadership to the junior subordinates
  • Proficient in conducting timely and organized surveillance programs
  • Efficient to deal with complex victims and offenders for priority cases

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Proficiency in MS-Access, MS-Excel and other MS-Office software packages
  • Proficient in Windows, Mac Platforms, etc.
  • Experienced in solving critical and complex criminal cases, handling the junior staff members, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Los Angeles Police Department
Designation: Senior Police Officer
(2007 - till date)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for guiding and handling the junior police officers for performing major assigned and specified duties
  • Inspecting and personally looking after the critical and emergency situations for major declarations and meetings
  • Assisting the junior supervisors with on sight crime investigations, investigation assistance, etc.
  • Handling the job related training sessions for the fresher recruits and looking after the technical skill courses
  • Efficiently liaise with the managing director for different kinds of developmental and staff training work

Previous Employer: Baltimore Police Department
Designation: Assistant Police Officer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the senior police officers in investigating complex criminal cases and provided them certain clues towards the cases
  • Analyzed the on sight crime scenes and collected the possible proofs or evidences
  • Interviewed the criminals or suspects and even witnesses to help solve the cases
  • Patrolled the assigned zones or areas in order to prevent any kind of crimes or disruptions
  • Efficiently delivered important circulars and messages for protecting the public life and their property

Achievements and Awards:

  • Awarded with 'Best Employee Award' for enforcing the traffic rules and regulations and curtailing the violence in community at Baltimore Police Department
  • Competent candidate and winner of awards for preparing legal documents, memorandums, court testimonies, etc.
  • Awards for immediately responding to the critical and emergency situations, etc.
  • Winning Team member of the State level rugby team, Texas

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participant of the on line cards society
  • Active member of 'Social Systems' for fostering healthy and good relationships with the public community and solving their problems

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in New York and Minnesota


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Thomas K. Collman

This free resume sample for senior police officer can certainly assist you in preparing your own resume application. You have to efficiently draft your potential and capable job responsibilities that can attract the employers attention towards your resume. In addition, this resume application can guide the forth coming employees about their duties and specified responsibilities towards their state and society. Therefore, in order to selected for the applied position, you have to highlight your potential work capability. These major factors can surely assist you in achieving your dream goals and objectives. On the whole, this perfect resume application sample satisfies the extreme purpose of passing on the important information to the reader. After resume applicant moves to prepare cover letter for that the best sample is most important. Check out this sample to build the most attractive and effective cover letter for police resumes.

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