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Deputy Superintendent of Police Resume

The deputy superintendent of police resume should show the courage and the candidate's strong will to fight against crime and provide justice via the experience details and achievements earned, if any. They need to have high level of combat skills and analytical ability. Strong leadership skills and examples of bravery and integrity would help make the resume more unique, and increase the chances of it being shortlisted.

They need to be good at interrogation skills, and must have the ability to analyze the situation promptly. They are required to be good at handling arms and ammunitions, and any extra training received for the same should be mentioned in the resume. The job of a deputy superintendent of Police is of great respect and responsibilities. This position is given to senior officers who have served for many years, and have done exceptionally good at their respective posts.

They are responsible for supervising the superintendents at lower levels, and make sure all emergency calls have been responded in time. They work closely with different department cells to make sure there are no potential terrorist activities going on in their designated area. They conduct various safety and citizen rights workshops to increase awareness amongst the people, and promoting them to report any malicious activity. It is their duty to retain the offenders in jail, and see to it that they have been brought to justice.

Resume Sample

Andrew K. Collado
3758 Sunburst Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-333-7346

Career Objective:

To work as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in the Police Department fulfilling the duties towards my country, and ensuring public safety at all times.

Professional Summary: 8 years of relevant field experience

Key Skills:

  • Good communication and team management skills
  • Good with crowd control
  • In depth knowledge and experience of all the weapons, currently used by Police
  • Proficient with using the latest tracking technologies
  • Good tactical strategy making skills
  • Proficient with computer operation
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Good motivational skills for team building and bonding
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Science: University of Florida, 3924 Coconut Palm Dr., Tampa, FL (April, 2001 to March, 2004)
  • High School: Saint Mary's School, 3910 N US Highway 301, Miami, FL (March, 2001)

Professional Experience:

Superintendent of Police
Florida State Police Department (Jacksonville),
8775 Baypine Rd., Jacksonville, FL
(April, 2005 till date)


  • Supervising a team of police constables for public safety
  • Providing on the spot support to the existing forces in case of terrorist attacks or emergencies
  • Coordinating with the patrol teams and making sure all the areas are being patrolled regularly for malicious activity
  • Arranging seminars for educating the masses about citizen rights and safety protocol
  • Following up on existing cases, and researching for new clues
  • Conducting weapon training, and maintenance program twice a month for improving skills and weapon performance
  • Coordinating with the army for providing latest arms and ammunitions
  • Training new recruits with the daily work flow

Superintendent of Police (Trainee)
Florida State Police Department (Largo),
1199 East Bay Dr., Largo, FL
(April, 2004 to March, 2005)


  • Assisting the Senior Superintendent of Police with the daily reports and other activities
  • Registering complaints and resolving minor disputes by communicating with the parties
  • Keeping a track on the crime rate, and researching on ways to reduce it
  • Coordinating with the media department for monitoring CCTV cameras placed throughout the city for missing and wanted people
  • Providing prompt support in case of thefts or crimes
  • Coordinating with the control department for monitoring the patrol vans throughout the city
  • Assigning highly ranked and skilled officers for personal safety of VIPs and politicians
  • Making proper communication between different departments all over the city and giving orders as required


“Best Superintendent of Police” awarded by the Deputy Superintended of Police for the month on August, 2011 for exceptional performance


Name: Eric V. Kamm
Designation: Senior Deputy Superintended of Police

Organization: Florida State Police Department (Jacksonville),
8775 Baypine Rd., Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 812-495-0272

Name: Lance D. Satterwhite
Designation: Deputy Superintended of Police
Organization: Florida State Police Department (Largo),
1199 East Bay Dr., Largo, FL
Phone: 864-998-2152

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