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Veterinary Assistant Resume

A veterinary assistant works as an active element of a veterinary team, established for providing effective and efficient veterinary services and health care management facilities to the animals. Hence, he/she provides necessary assistance to the veterinarian to carry out his practice. Hence, with minimum qualifications in the field, you can work as an assistant to a veterinarian. While applying for such posts, your veterinary assistant resume needs to present your practical working experience, or internship projects completed to assist a veterinarian.

So, highlight your prior working experiences of working under direct veterinarian supervision, and instructions to provide animal health care. This helps to ascertain the recruiter about your abilities to assist a veterinarian, and provide efficient assistance. Present your knowledge about anatomy and physiology, which helps to carry out jobs effectively. Have a thorough look at the positional responsibilities before referring to the sample veterinary assistant resume.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Working under a veterinarian supervision, and performing as per direct instructions
  • Performing the given tasks to complete on the job training, and offering useful assistance to solve the animal illness and provide precautionary care
  • Carrying out administration functions as per veterinarian prescriptions, and offering support functions to provide effective health care management
  • Sterilizing, cleaning, disinfecting, and a variety of such assistance work to accomplish the given job

In this way, you need to concentrate on your practical working exposure, to offer the employer with the best learning experience and professionals on the job training. Your interest to tame and be surrounded by the animals can also be added, to offer the employer with your strong career aspirations, to work in the field with full energy and interest.

Sample Veterinary Assistant Resume

Raymond G. Clemente
2519 Joes Road
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: 528-285-3782
Email Address:


Looking for a veterinary assistant position in an organization, where I can serve the animal health care practices, and assist a veterinarian, to provide effective assistance to utilize my on the job experience to solve the animal problems.


  • 8 years on the job training experience at handling assistant duties to a veterinarian
  • Completed 4 years of apprenticeship or internship project to provide highly effective assistance professionally
  • Proficient at handling animal issues and precautionary health care practices
  • Served in an animal hospital to provide laboratory assistance for a year


  • Proficient at working with animals
  • Familiarity with animal medication practices
  • Excellent services management and administration skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication abilities
  • Well technical handling of examination tools and equipment

Technical skills:

    Proficient at dealing with Microsoft Office functions Expert at database management (DBMS) functions


  • Graduated from Atlantic Union College in 2001
  • Completed an associate degree at the institution recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2004
  • Completed a specialty certification course in emergency and critical care management services
  • Attended a training program on 'Developing your veterinary technician services skills and management'

Professional experience:

Veterinary Assistant,
RITE's Animal Health care Society, New York, NY
2010-till date

Role and responsibilities:

  • Provided effective support functions to carry out a variety of assistance functions right from examining, testing, collecting samples to necessary assistance in carrying out animal surgical operations
  • Offered preventive and precautionary health care management services to various animals as a part of on the job training process
  • Handled nominal surgery, and stitching work as per instructions provided by the veterinarian
  • Assisted in preparing prescriptions and examining animal health, by carrying out various tests and examinations
  • Administering pet care, vaccination, and providing effective care to protect animals from infectious diseases

Junior Veterinary Assistant;
REO's Animal Health care Clinic; Baton Rouge, LA

Role and responsibilities:

  • Assisted a veterinarian for carrying out daily routine jobs such as cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, etc.
  • Helped to prepare prescriptions and provide post surgery care to heal the stitches and injuries
  • Provided effective support to implement health care campaigns, and assisted in offering precautionary animal health care plans
  • Provided technical support at maintaining necessary record keeping functions


Recognized as 'The Best Performer of the Year 2010' for successfully accomplishing the given on the job training and offered efficient support functions to provide good animal health care


  • Affiliated to a club created for solving the animal health associated issues and preparing useful precautionary measures, to solve their health issues properly
  • An active member of an association formed for creating environmental awareness, and designing various plans to solve critical environment issues

Mobility and Flexibility:

Good analytical skills to examine and provide effective health care practices in assistance with a veterinarian, and ready to work in flexible shift as per organizational requirement. Adaptable and flexible mindset to develop quick learning skills.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Raymond G. Clemente

Thus, as an assistant, your veterinary assistant resume needs to present your on the job training experiences, and relevant analytical and team working spirit to provide the required support. So, create a well integrated resume offering the employer with the essential and consistent information, the employer is interested in. In this way, lay a proper emphasis on showcasing your credentials, skills, interest, and abilities to choose such a job as your career aspirations.

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