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Radiation Therapist Resume

Job Description:

The principal use of radiation therapy is to treat the patients affected with cancer. The radiation therapists are responsible for using linear accelerators to administer treatment to the patients suffering from cancer. The radiation therapists use linear accelerators to apply external beam therapy in which high energy x-rays are projected targeting the cancer cells.

The important responsibility of the radiation therapist is to monitor the physical condition of the cancer patients when radiation therapy is applied on them and watch whether there is any side effect on the patients. The therapist also has to be careful that the patients are not emotionally affected. Even though radiation therapy is sometimes used as a sole treatment to cancer, in general radiation therapy is used in conjunction with chemotherapy or surgery.

Keeping the records on up to date information on radiation therapy treatment given to the patients and their reactions to the treatment is also the responsibility of the radiation therapist. These records are to be reviewed by oncologists and other technicians to ensure that proper treatment is meted out on cancer patients.

Preparation of a Resume:

While applying for the position of a radiation therapist, preparing a well designed radiation therapist resume, to be enclosed with the application, is very much essential. You cannot describe everything about you in your application and that is why the importance of a radiation therapist resume is felt necessary. This is the opportunity to advertise and sell yourself to your prospective employer, as a company sells its products.

While the application is a place to explain your personal details, the resume is the right place to present your special skills, qualifications and experience. The resume has to be so designed to attract the attention of the employers to induce them to consider you for the forthcoming interview.

Robert L
35657, Newark Boulevard

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of a radiation therapist in a reputed hospital to use my skills in radiation therapy and to gain more experience in the field and to serve many patients.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • I have rich experience in giving radiation therapy treatment to the patients for the last five years.
  • I possess deep knowledge of radiation therapy equipment and how to operate them.
  • I have good knowledge of human anatomy and radiation principles
  • I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to converse with the patients and technicians.

Professional Experience:

  • I have been working in the St. Josephs Hospital for the last five years
  • I was responsible to prepare the patients before the delivery of the treatment and explain about the treatment to be given to them.
  • I was responsible for preparing the detailed treatment report and to send the same to oncologist for approval.
  • I was also responsible for operating the radiation therapy equipment as well as advanced machines.
  • Identified treatment areas by using CT scanners and simulators
  • I was also in charge of training the new entrants about the radiation therapy treatment, procedures and principles.
  • I was involved in maintaining the patient records in a perfect manner and was commended by the management for such good maintenance.

Prior to working in St. Josephs Hospital, I have served as a radiation therapist in ABC Hospital for more than three years during which period I had rich experience in the following areas.

  • I have experience in arranging immobile equipment and devices in the radiation room as prescribed by the oncologists before giving treatment to the patients.
  • I was responsible in guiding the patients regarding the safety measures to be taken prior to the treatment.
  • I was maintaining the treatment records given to the cancer patients for the superior official's review.

Educational Qualifications:

I am a certified radiation therapist from the college of radiation technology in California and got it in the year 2004.
I have also passed B.S. degree in radiology from University of California in the year 2003.

Concluding Part:

As per the details of radiation therapist resume is concerned, your resume must look professional and should convey your skills and experience properly to the recruiting managers. This is the first thing that an employer will look in your resume. Apart from your personal and contact details, the resume should explain why you are interested in the job and how you are the best suitable person for the job of a radiation therapist.

You have to explain the skills possessed by you as regards to the position of the radiation therapist in a way that the employers should think that you have completely read the job profile with sincerity and you are the perfect person for the position the human resource manger is looking for.

Besides the resume, you are required to write a well drafted cover letter, as most of the employers expect. Many of the recruiting managers prefer to go through the cover letters than the resumes to judge the personality of the candidates.

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