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Physical Therapist (Orthopedic) Resume

Physical Therapist (Orthopedic) resume must be efficient, and relevant enough to draw your employers attention towards it. However, majority of recruiters spend less than a minute on any resume, and in order to draw their attention, you have to draft a perfect application that sweeps you in for an interview. In addition, lay more emphasis on your educational qualifications, professional credentials, and majority of your accomplishments. These are some of the basic factors that helps you in getting selected for the applied job position.

Basically, they are licensed professional therapists and so, they are mainly responsible for skillfully handling the physical disabilities of the sports activist, military personnel, etc. In other words, they are completely in-charge of evaluating the patients physical strength, sustain their disabilities, improve their range of motion, etc. In this way, they have to look after the patients progress, rehabilitation period, treatment strategies, and offer maximum independence on their functional motion.

Individuals willing to be a part of this profession, have to create an impressive application that assists them in getting selected for the applied job position. For your complete understanding, and proper coordination, you are provided with a perfect sample application for the post of Orthopedic Physical Therapist.

Elisabeth J. Hawkins
4661 Worley Avenue,
75th Blvd,
Wintergreen, VA - 24551
Contact no. : (434) 325-1320

Career Objective:

Looking for a better position as an Orthopedic Physical Therapist in a well-reputed and challenging environment, where I can utilize my skills and abilities in handling the functions of acute care and physical therapies of the patients.

Career Summary:

Ten years of complete experience in this particular medical or orthopedic field; capable of dealing with critical military cases. Expert in consulting better orthopedic treatments to various age groups of children. Honored for working towards different group homes and health agencies.


  • Certified Programs in Orthopedic Consultation from University of West Alabama, Alabama, AL
  • Completed Post Graduation in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from Arkansas State University, Arkansas, AK, in March 2003 - Grade A
  • Completed Graduation in Physical Therapy from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, in 2001 - Grade A
  • Completed High School from Gilmore Community High School, in 1998 with Grade A in Science

Skills Summary:

  • Ten years of core experience in the field of medical science, and applied orthopedics
  • Possess outstanding communicational and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Capable of handling complex orthopedic physical therapy principles and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding, regarding various orthopedic therapy methods, etc.
  • Skilled in administering the physical therapy programs and special events
  • Competent knowledge regarding administrative management practices

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Proficient in handling the major activities of the child physical therapy programs
  • Comfortable, and skilled in handling different kinds of Microsoft packages like MS-Access, MS-Excel and other MS-Office software packages
  • Competent in working on varied platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • Capable of handling different kinds of assessment therapy tools for treating orthopedic patients
  • Well-experienced in handling the administrative staff members, maintaining the practice of pediatric sections, etc.

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Maine Medical Center (2007 - till date)
Designation: Physical Therapist (Orthopedic)
Job responsibilities:

  • Efficiently supervised the prescribed manual exercises, handled the massage programs of the patients, etc.
  • Responsibly administered the major activities of the pediatric division, and looked after the children orthopedic therapy programs
  • Communicated with the patients, and their personal physician in order to implement different orthopedic physical therapy programs
  • Evaluated the patients conditions, and physical status, and properly maintained, and updated the progress report regularly
  • Prepared, planned, and executed a majority of intervention programs, conferences, and meetings regarding orthopedic research

Previous Employer: American Physical Therapy Association (2006-2007)
Designation: Assistant Physical Therapist (Orthopedic)
Job responsibilities:

  • Assisted in preparing various kinds of reports, and necessary programs for complex, and advanced physical therapy programs
  • Coordinated with the administrative staff members, in handling the major activities of the rehabilitation center
  • Assisted the senior orthopedic therapist in handling the complex cases of impaired physical mobility, etc.
  • Supervised several recovery cases, and guided the patients to improve the threshold of their physical sensations, handle their quick recovery, and assist them in complete utilization of their battered body parts
  • Monitored the stamina levels of the patients, and enhanced their physical fitness program as per their motions and functions of the body

Achievements and Awards:

  • Time-honored awards for organizing, and handling special group physical therapy programs for accident victims, disabled patients, etc.
  • Winner of different awards for efficiently supervising the complex orthopedic cases, and handling the special treatment strategies of the patients
  • Awarded for monitoring several cases of multiple fractures, assisting in the administrative jobs and activities, enhance the morale level of several battered patients, etc., at workplace in, Maine Medical Center
  • Winning team captain of the regional level football team, Alabama
  • Awarded with 'Best Orthopedic Therapist' award for handling the advanced physical therapy programs and events, guide the patients to utilize different assistive and adaptive devices, handle the necessary exercises, etc., at workplace in Laurel West Veterinary Services

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Los Angeles and Louisiana


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Elisabeth J. Hawkins

Here, you are provided with a free resume sample for the position of Orthopedic Therapist. With its complete assistance and guidance, you can skillfully draft your exceptional application that can grab the attention of your employer. In addition, your exceptional credentials, and professional accomplishments, can surely assist you in achieving your professional goals and objectives.

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